ArcGIS Dashboards Classic (ArcGIS Online March 2022 and ArcGIS Enterprise 11.0)

Last Published: August 29, 2022


  • ArcGIS Dashboards Classic is deprecated with the March 2022 release of ArcGIS Online, and ArcGIS Enterprise 10.9.1.
  • ArcGIS Dashboards Classic will be retired with the November 2022 release of ArcGIS Online, and ArcGIS Enterprise 11.0.
  • A new version of ArcGIS Dashboards is available that provides the same functionality, and existing dashboards can be easily upgraded.
  • The new version of ArcGIS Dashboards is more performant, scales to handle high demand, leverages the latest and greatest mapping innovations, and includes new data visualizations, including tables, and features such as advanced formatting, data expressions, and more.


  • Dashboards authored in the Classic app are automatically (and temporarily) upgraded when opened in ArcGIS Dashboards (ArcGIS Online or Enterprise 10.9.1 and higher).
  • It is strongly recommended (but not required) to save, or save a copy, of all dashboards to permanently upgrade them. Simply open the existing (Classic) dashboard within ArcGIS Dashboards and save it.
  • This above step avoids a temporary and automatic upgrade each time a dashboard authored in the Classic app is opened.
  • All features that exist in ArcGIS Dashboards Classic, except for the Follow Feature action, are supported in ArcGIS Dashboards. For dashboards that include the Follow Feature action, the following will happen when they are opened in ArcGIS Dashboards:
    • Dashboard authors will see a warning indicating that they have the Follow Feature action in their dashboard.
    • Dashboard viewers will notice the Follow Feature action not working.
    • For organizations that have a critical requirement for the Follow Feature action:
      • You should keep ArcGIS Enterprise at a version that supports it. This means remaining on ArcGIS Enterprise 10.9.1 or earlier.
      • If using ArcGIS Online, this capability will no longer be available after the November release, and you should plan accordingly.

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