ArcGIS Maps SDK for Java Deprecation

Last Published: March 7, 2024


ArcGIS Maps SDK for Java is being deprecated. Version 200.6 of ArcGIS Maps SDK for Java, which is planned for release in November 2024, will be the last release.

Since the launch of ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Java over 10 years ago (renamed ArcGIS Maps SDK for Java in December 2022), there has been a gradual decline in the popularity and use of the Java FX framework used by the ArcGIS Maps SDK for Java for developing desktop client applications.

With most client application development today requiring a mobile-first approach, or at least a mobile companion app, ArcGIS Maps SDK for Java has been less popular than cross-platform frameworks that support Android and iOS (ArcGIS Maps SDK for .NET and ArcGIS Maps SDK for Qt) or dedicated mobile platform-specific frameworks (ArcGIS Maps SDK for Kotlin and ArcGIS Maps SDK for Swift).

The Java language remains a popular technology for web services and enterprise development, and Esri remains committed to enabling the use of Java with ArcGIS, for example, in extending the service-oriented capabilities of ArcGIS Enterprise with the ArcGIS Enterprise SDK.

ArcGIS Enterprise SDK is a separate product from ArcGIS Maps SDK for Java and is unaffected by this deprecation.

Esri continually evaluates changes and trends in existing technologies, and the advent of new technologies to ensure we are delivering comprehensive mapping and geospatial SDKs with a premium developer experience that enable developers to build modern ArcGIS solutions targeting mobile, desktop, and embedded systems.


Customers building desktop applications with ArcGIS Maps SDK for Java must migrate application development to an alternative SDK within the ArcGIS Maps SDKs for Native Apps product line or another ArcGIS developer technology. This requires effort in application redesign and redevelopment.

Customers must start planning to migrate to an alternative Native Maps SDK, as described below.

Additionally, developers must review their requirements and may be able to consider other ArcGIS developer technologies including:

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