ArcGIS Earth 1.7 incorrectly truncates location values when displaying data from TXT and CSV files

Last Published: April 25, 2020


When importing a CSV or TXT file into ArcGIS Earth and a zero (0) occurs immediately after a decimal point in either coordinate location axis, ArcGIS Earth defaults to the next digit and places the zero (0) at the end of the Geo Coordinate. For example, when geocoding a CSV or TXT file, a Geo Coordinate of 2.0395 becomes 2.3950. This bug causes ArcGIS Earth to attempt to round the value of an XY event if there is a zero (0) immediately after the decimal point.


This is a known critical issue (BUG-000115251) reported to the ArcGIS Earth team on 10 July 2018. After a complete investigation it was determined this issue only impacts ArcGIS Earth version 1.7 and no other released versions of ArcGIS Earth.


The ArcGIS Earth development team is currently working to resolve this issue in the upcoming release (version 1.8).

Download and install the previous release of ArcGIS Earth (version 1.6.1) via the Related Information link below.

Article ID:000018786

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