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What is the workflow when ArcMap or ArcGIS Pro crashes?

Last Published: October 12, 2021


The workflow is provided as a set of best practices for troubleshooting ArcMap or ArcGIS Pro crashes, but does not include issues with MXD files. This workflow consists of the following:

Understanding the background of the situation

  1. Validating if any recent Windows update or modification of the hardware or graphic cards has been performed. In some cases, these configurations might change the compatibility with ArcMap, and hence make the software crash.
  2. Verifying if there are any dump files generated associated with the current crash.
    • The dump files are reports that the software generates during crash that describe the reason for the conflict.
    • These can be found in C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\ESRI\ErrorReports. Alternatively, you can access the folder with %localappdata%\ESRI\ErrorReports
    • Ensure the creation date of the file belongs to the date when the software crashed. In some cases, the folder might contain other dump files associated with old crashes
    • In case there are no dump files but the software is crashing, a conflict with the graphic card might be presented.
  3. Analyzing the dump file with the Windows Debugger Preview (WinDBG). This app can be installed from the Microsoft Store for free. The name's structure of the dump file also provides information such as the product and its version, the time and date of its creation as shown in the image below:
Structure Dump File.jpg
  1. The result of the analysis in the WinDBG presents a module (.dll file) highlighted in blue, as in the picture below, and when clicked, shows its location in the File Explorer app on the computer. Depending on the result, this can be divided into four main categories, and the solutions are described below with some examples:
    • A graphics card conflict
    • Corruption of the software
    • A conflict with machine's components
    • Others: Tools and Add-Ins
Example result WinDBG Analysis.jpg

Graphics Card Conflict

  • The modules associated are:
    • ig9icd32.dll
    • atiglpxx.dll
  • On these occasions, contact IT to follow the workaround suggested in Problem: Graphics card conflict may cause ArcMap to crash. This disable/enable workaround allows detecting which graphic card is in conflict, unless the machine only has one graphic card
  • Once the conflicted card is identified, IT can find the most applicable solution, for example, updating the drivers for the video card. Bear in mind that troubleshooting graphic cards is outside of Esri's Scope of support.
  • Alternatively, configure ArcMap to run with one of the other cards by following the steps described in How To: Set ArcGIS Desktop to run with a different graphics card, while IT is troubleshooting the graphic cards
    • This partial solution can also be applied to other products, such as ArcGIS Pro, ArcScene or Drone2Map.
    • The executable file hosted in the bin directory of the product must be used. The bin directories normally are:
      • (ArcMap) C:\Program Files (x86)\ArcGIS\Desktop10.x\bin
      • (ArcGIS Pro) C:\Program Files\ArcGIS\Pro\bin
      • (License Manager) C:\Program Files (x86)\ArcGIS\LicenseManager\bin

Corruption of the software

  • Some of the modules associated are:
    • ArcMap.exe
    • ArcGIS Pro.exe
    • AfCore.dll
    • AfCore_libFNP.dll
    • GdbCore.dll
    • Geometry.dll
    • TiTusUI.dll
  • The main key to identify the module that is related to a software corruption, and when clicked from the WinDBG output, shows that its location is the bin directory of the software, as shown in the picture below, using AfCore.dll as an example:
Example Location.jpg
  • To fix the issue, try the following method first, and if it does not work, proceed with the next solution:
    1. Perform a soft reset of ArcGIS Desktop, see the article: How To: Perform a soft ArcGIS Desktop reset
    2. Repair it from the Control Panel.
    3. Perform a Clean uninstall, and as a best practice, download a new installation file from My Esri.

A conflict with machine's components

  • A module that could be presented is:
    • ACEEXCL.dll: This is related to the Microsoft Access Database Engine Redistributable that could not be installed on the machine.
    • WindowsBase.dll: Related to the .NET Framework
    • VCRUNTIME140.dll: Associated with the Microsoft Visual C++
  • To determine the cause, and what this module associated with, further investigation is required according to the specific module involved.
  • Normally, these kinds of issues might present their own errors and occur mainly if the component was disabled, uninstalled, or modified during an update and/or hardware configuration
  • The most common components are:
  • In some cases, these issues occur because the software is not compatible, so ensure to run the CanYouRunIt tool.

Others: Tools and Add-Ins

In these cases, the name of the dump file includes the name of the tool and/or Add-In instead of the software. Further investigation is required according to the specific module result. Some Add-Ins may cause the software to crash for example:

Some specific tools of the software may cause crashing and the name of the dump file includes the name of the tool instead of the software. To fix the issue, repair it from the Control Panel or a clean uninstall, and re-installation would be advisable. Some examples are:

  • ExtTopoEngine.dll: This one corresponds to the Background Geoprocessing of ArcMap and the issue can be fixed with a repair or clean uninstall and re-installation.
  • DesktopIndexingService.exe

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