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Patches and updates

Resolved Issues for ArcView 3.0a

Published: April 20, 1997


ArcView 3.0a resolves issues reported by users after the release of ArcView 3. It will also update the ArcView Spatial Analyst and ArcView Network Analyst extensions if installed. It contains the FREE VPF Viewer extension.


The ArcView 3.0a patch resolves the following general issues encountered in Version 3.0.

Network Analyst
Spatial Analyst


  • New Request Added - System.ExecuteSynchronous(CommandLine)
    This new request is similar to System.Execute but executes the given command line in a synchronous manner. This is supported on Windows NT and Windows 95 only.

  • SDBsn45707 - Illegal Instruction error
    If you create a new menu without adding any menu items to it and then click on that new menu in the menubar, ArcView will error.

  • SDBsn46894
    In the lower left corner of the Customize Types dialog, there are two arrows with a number in between. You can type in a new number to specify a new width for the icon scroll bar in the project window. On Windows 95, the background around the arrows and the number appears white. Only the area around the number input line should be white.

  • SDBsn48129
    When you try to convert a date object whose value is outside the valid system range (before 1/1/1970) to a string using the AsString request, ArcView will error.

  • SDBsn48987
    DDEClient fails after 16K requests. After repetitive use of DDEClient.Request, this request will fail to return the information requested from the DDEServer. The problem occured because ArcView was running out of valid data handles.

  • SDBsn50027
    When loading an extension with dependencies on other extensions that also have dependencies, a fatal error sometimes occurs. The problem was caused by a garbage collection event wiping out some objects that were still in use; the code was fixed by locking these objects.

  • SDBsn49042
    Project repair fails on projects that contain a Layout with a PostScript EPS file in a picture frame. If ArcView cannot find the EPS file when the project is opened you get the error "Module PS Int not found" and the project will not open. Now if ArcView can't find the EPS file you donot get this error message and the project will open but the picture frame will be empty.

  • SDBsn46894
    If there are malformed or unreadable Extension (.avx) files in either the USEREXT or AVEXT directories, the Extension dialog will not open. Now ArcView will ignore the corrupt .avx files and the Extension dialog will open.

  • SDBsn48072
    Windows NT 4.0 only. The Portmapper that ships with ArcView 3.0 has refresh problems. When you move an overlapping window away from the Portmapper window, the Portmap window does not refresh properly. Portmap.exe executable has been replaced with a newer version to fix this problem.

  • SDBsn49641
    ArcView does not always display error messasges properly. Errors often display in a DOS window without a meaningful message. This DOS window cannot be dismissed until you quit ArcView. On Windows 95 and Windows NT this has been fixed. You now get the correct error message and the DOS window does not come up.

  • Missing DLLs for OIScript
    Windows unkeyed CD-ROM only. If you use Neuron Data's OIScript library in ArcView to access custom dialogs created in Neuron Data's OpenEditor, ArcView now installs the required oiscript.dll in the AVHOME bin directory.


  • SDBsn48169
    Some times opening old ArcView 2.1 project files (with CAD drawing themes) in ArcView 3.0 gives the "AVArray: Index 0 not in range 0.. -1". This problem has been fixed.

    Note: You still have to load the CAD Reader extension before opening ArcView 2.1 project files with CAD drawing themes. If you see an error message "Unknown Object DwgSrc XX in project", first load the CAD Reader extension and then open the old project file and save it in ArcView 3.0.

  • SDBsn50752
    A problem where certain DXF files would cause "Out of memory" error while adding themes. This problem has been fixed.

  • SDBsn52121
    Added the support for MicroStation ODBC linkages.
    If you have design files with Microstation ODBC linkages (represented as user data linkages in Microstation), ArcView will append new fields to the theme table to store the ODBC linkage values.


  • SDBsn47458
    If you didn't have a current selection, and you were using the query builder to make a selection, and you clicked Add To Set, ArcView crashed.

  • SDBsn47549
    If you had an SDELayer that had more than one feature class, for example, polygons and lines, you would not have been able to classify database themes representing either the polygons or lines, and you would not have been able to use the Query Builder to create a selected set for these themes. To resolve this issue you also need to use SDE version 2.1.1.


  • SDBsn47650, SDBsn49235
    Several bugs have been fixed in the MIFSHAPE conversion utility:

    A problem has been corrected where the utility was using the inverse when the start_angle of an arc was greater than the end_angle in the .mif file.

    A problem with how 2-point polygons and 2-point polylines were handled has been fixed. The problem was that if you converted a file containing these invalid shapes, then panned and zoomed around the view, ArcView would crash. Now an error is given and MifShape exits when you try to convert files with invalid shapes. Edit the .mif file and remove the offending shapes to convert such mif files.

  • SDBsn47144,SDBsn48530
    Several bugs have been fixed in the IMPORT conversion utility:

    Export (.e00) files created from workstation ArcInfo coverages which contained annotation stored in a subclass was not being converted properly. Now this annotation will be imported into the annotation (TXT) of the resulting PC ARC/INFO coverage.

    The SHIFT parameter was not working as documented. The documentation claims that the coordinates of the tic closest to 0,0 will be used as the SHIFT values. However, the last tic in the file was being used instead. Now the tic closest to 0,0 will be used.

    In some cases where users had exported annotation from ArcInfo 7.04, the annotation was flipped when imported in ArcView. Now the annotation will not be flipped.


  • SBsn51087 Color flashing problem (Windows 95 and NT 4.0 only)
    ArcView's buttons or tools may display in a red or green color when using a true-type image wallpaper (e.g. leaves) as a background on machines using 256 Color for their color palette. This problem has been fixed.

  • SDBsn48959, SDBsn30930
    A section has been added to the etc\startup file which, for Windows users, ensures that TEMP has been set to an existing, writable directory. If it has not, ArcView will attempt to set TEMP to one of the following directories: the user's HOME directory, the current working directory, or the ArcView install directory. If none of these are a writable directory, a warning message will be given to the user. This TEMP environment variable only affects the current ArcView session.

    Having a valid, writable TEMP directory is required for adding annotation themes and for editing shapefiles and tables.


  • SDBsn50860
    The total length of an address style is expanded to 1024. This fix supports address style developers who need to build address styles for supporting long address strings. Geocoding users will not affected by this change.


  • Uninstalling the 3.0a patch will not remove the ArcView 3.0a patch icon from the program folder.
    Under Windows 95 performing an administrative node installation, the incorrect CTL3D32.DLL file was being installed. This has been corrected.


  • SDBsn50550
    If the label field for a polygon theme contained duplicate values, like pH or tree species names, only the first instance of that name was labeled. The Remove duplicates option will now be available in the Autolabel dialog box when a polygon theme is labeled.

  • SDBsn51353
    Using the labeler class in Avenue scripts to label more than one polygon theme or label additional themes after loading a polygon theme caused ArcView to run out of memory and hang. This has been fixed.


  • SDBsn46432
    When creating a layout viewframe from a view with its document window closed, setting the viewframe's live-link property to disabled would crash ArcView. This problem has been corrected and now a viewframe with its live-link property disabled can be created from a closed view document.

  • SDBsn45816 - Illegal Instruction error
    A problem where changing the text symbol of an empty legend frame on a layout caused ArcView to error has been fixed.

  • SDBsn50587 - Illegal Instruction error
    A problem where opening a project with scalebars of a certain size has been fixed.

  • SDBsn49836, SDBsn50384, SDBsn51133
    Changes that were made to the windows metafile import were not compatile with windows metafiles created by some graphics software applications including Corel Draw and Microsoft PowerPoint. These changes also affected copy and paste operations with the ArcView Clipboard. These problems have been corrected, but there may still be some resource related issues that will be corrected in later releases.

  • SDBsn48796
    The avenue request ExporttoFile was not returning a file name. This problem has been corrected.

  • SBDsn47522, SDBsn47415, SDBsn48969
    Some changes that were made to the windows metafile export were not compatible with many graphics software applications including Microsoft PowerePoint, Word, Visual Basic and Aldus (Macromedia) PageMaker. This problem has been corrected with the addition of a wmf export option, Enable Clipping. When this option is selected, an ArcView 3.0 wmf is created. When not selected, an ArcView 2.1 wmf is created.

  • SDBsn50375
    A system call made in document update scripts would cause ArcView to load very slowly and refresh view, layout and chart GUI actions very slowly. This call queried the Print Manager and subsequently the network if any printers were networked. This problem has been resolved by removing the call from the affected update scripts.


  • SDBsn47681 - Illegal Instruction error
    When printing a layout with frame graphics (i.e., views, legends, north arrow) and graphic text, or a view with graphic text to vector pen plotters, ArcView would error. A fix was made to correct this problem, so that layouts and views will plot to pen plotters correctly.

  • SDBsn52061
    ArcView 3.0a contains a fix to the Enhanced PostScript. HP650c and Tektronix III printers were found to be incompatible with ArcView's version 3.0 Enhanced PostScript, causing the file to not print.


  • SDBsn49811
    A typo in default.prj caused the false northing for the Great Britain National Grid to return incorrect information. The new default.prj has the correct false northing (-100000).


  • SDBsn50662
    There was an argument missing in one of the scripts in Datum.avx and Datum.apr which caused polygon shapefiles not to be converted. This has been fixed.

  • SDBsn50737
    The sample script clipthm.ave was designed to work with a selected set, but was not documented as such. The script was rewritten so as not to need a selected set when clipping a theme with a polygon theme. Also, several other improvements were made: the script now prevents users from clipping point themes, and allows users to use the script with workstation ArcInfo coverages.

  • SDBsn47497 - Illegal Instruction error
    Placing the last4.avx into the %AVHOME%\ext32 directory and then loading it and making it default resulted in an illegal instruction error when ArcView is restarted. This has been fixed.

  • SDBsn48290
    The sample SDE database editing extension used some early editions of Avenue requests that changed prior to releasing ArcView 3.0. The scripts have been updated and should work now.

  • SDBsn48793
    The sample vistools.avx produced incorrect results or crashed ArcView when using projections. This has been fixed.

  • SDBsn46959
    If a script had two adjacent NL characters, the redundant NL was incorrectly removed. This has been fixed.

  • SDBsn48164
    The sample extension, overview.avx, did not work with libraries. This has been enhanced to do so.

  • SDBsn49677
    The GUI components of the sample extension, overview.avx, did not get loaded into the project's GUIs because the SetModified(true) was missing in the install script. This has been remedied.


  • SDBsn47908
    Occasionally when you do an Identify on a shapefile after splitting a polygon that is totally surrounded by another polygon but does not overlap the polygon it is surrounded by, the surrounding polygon is identified in addition to the polygon you identified. During the split operation clean is also performed. This clean operation occasionally causes holes in the surrounding polygon to dissappear thus causing the island polygons to overlap the polygon that used to surround it.

  • SDBsn47731
    In some cases Union Features on adjacent polygons produces incorrect results.

  • SDBsn49774
    Sometimes when you clone a polygon with holes in it followed by a clean of that shape, some of the holes may disappear.

  • SDBsn50101, SDBsn50279
    Occasionally when you are trying to create a multipart polygon with Polygon.Make, some of the parts will disappear. For example you may intend for your polygon to have two holes and the resulting polygon only has one hole in it.

  • SDBsn46664
    If the start point of a polygon is the only point of intersection with another polygon, the whole polygon will be return by ReturnIntersection.

  • SDBsn48896
    When you move a node which is shared by exactly three polylines with the vertex edit tool, the shared node snaps to another vertex on one of the polylines. This problem has been fixed. However, if you have snapping turned on you may occasionally see that one of the lines appears to be broken after you move the node. The line is not broken; there is just a display problem. If you redraw the theme, everything will appear as it should.


  • SDBsn49113
    A proper version of the file utqe16.dll has been provided with the ArcView Version 3.0a patch. The following problems will no longer occur when using SQL connectivity on 16 bit Windows platforms including Windows 3.11 and Windows 3.1.

  • Table names are not listed in the SQL connect window

  • Bar symbols are displayed for values in number fields of SQL tables.

  • If you experience problems connecting to databases, make sure that the following files are NOT in your windows/system directory.
    • utqe16.dll
    • utqe32.dll
    • qegui03.dll or qegui07.dll
    • qelib.dll
    • qesql03.dll or qesql07.dll
    • qeutl03.dll or qeutl07.dll
    If there are still problems, re-install your ODBC drivers.

    NOTE: A script that performs SQL operations must be executed from a control on the GUI in order to work properly.


  • SDBsn48251 - Illegal Instruction error
    If you specify that a line theme should have offset symbols within the Advanced Options dialog of the Legend Editor and then panned or zoomed the view's display after applying this legend, ArcView would error.


  • SDBsn50484 - Illegal Instruction error
    A problem where issuing aVTab.StopEditingWithRecovery(true) before issuing aVTab.StartEditingWithRecovery has been fixed.

  • SDBsn48846
    ArcView Version 3.0a will interpret attribute indexes created with ArcView 2.1 without the need to automatically re-create the index. ArcView 2.1 will also interpret ArcView Version 3.0a attribute indexes without re-indexing. If you are using both Versions of ArcView for your application, re-index the ArcView Version 3.0 attribute indexes in ArcView 2.1 and make sure that the attribute index files (.aih/.ain files) are updated.

  • SDBsn32695
    An error will no longer occur in ArcView Version 3.0a when the record that you are actively editing in a table is deleted.

  • SDBsn30289
    ArcView Version 3.0a will no longer error if the aTable.Find request is issued and the table document is closed. Instead, the user is warned and the request returns a nil object. In order for the request to function properly, the table document must still be opened.

  • SDBsn35552
    In ArcView Version 3.0 or earlier, if an attempt is made to open a project that performs a join using a field that has been deleted since the project was last saved, the project will not open completely. With ArcView Version 3.0a the project will open properly and the all joins will be removed from the base table involved in the now invalid join.

  • SDBsn43236
    Accurate results are now produced when a query is performed on a table that has persistent field indexes and is located on a read-only NT file system. Prior to ArcView Version 3.0a, no records would be selected when a query that utilizes field indexes was performed on tables accessed in this manor.

  • SDBsn44288
    An error will not occur when a table is removed from an ArcView Version 3.0a session and a query builder that references the removed table is used. The query builder will execute the query but, since the table has been removed, nothing will result from the query operation.

  • SDBsn51311
    ArcView Version 3.0a will respect the code page of a directory when a field is added to a dBASE table in that directory. In ArcView Version 3.0, a value was written to the 29th byte of the header which caused ArcView to ignore the code page of the tables directory. With ArcView Version 3.0a, the 29th byte is given a value of zero when the code page is set and a field is added.


  • SDBsn50160
    At ArcInfo 7.1.1, ArcStorm differentiates between label points that are specified in the data set and label points that are generated when polygons are split across tile boundaries. With this patch, ArcView 3.0a recognizes the ArcStorm protocol identifying "real" versus "generated" label points and includes only "real" label points in any label theme whose data source is a 7.1.1 ArcStorm database.

  • SDBsn50407
    Users who had ExtensionChecking turned off for image themes (using ISrc.SetExtensionChecking(false)) had problems when adding image catalogs. This problem has been fixed.

  • SDBsn49226
    In cases where ArcView detected problems in an image file, it displayed a warning message explaining the problem. For example, if you were on an UNIX workstation and used an image where the END-OF-INFORMATION code was missing, a warning would appear in the status bar. However, if you used the same image on the PC, you'd get the warning in a dialog which you would have to dismissed every time you panned or zoomed. The warning message has been removed.

  • SDBsn50177
    Projects which used the JPEG extension were not being reopened properly. If JPEG images were used as picture frames on a layout, the picture frame would be empty when the project was reopened. If the JPEG images were used as themes, the themes were not present when the project was reopened. A fix was made to the jpeg.avx file to correct this behavior.

  • SDBsn49631 - Illegal Instruction error
    An image catalog containing an environment variable in its LOCATION field caused ArcView to error when the data was accessed across a network from a UNIX machine. This was caused by the way the path was stored in memory the UNIX path was converted to something the PC could understand, but the converted path was overwriting the other path in memory. A fix was made to store the path to the images in an expanded string in a different place in memory.

  • SDBsn49883
    In order Draw the legends for all themes, two new Avenue requests have been created. These requests are used by the ArcView Internet Extension to determine the size of a theme's legend and then to draw that legend. These requests are available in all extensions that add a new type of theme to ArcView (GridTheme, DBTheme, BTheme, as well as ITheme and FTheme). Previously, the only request to perform this functionality was only available from the FTheme Legend Class.

  • aTheme.ReturnLegendExt(aDisplay, aTOCSym, inTOC)
    Returns a Point object, which is the extent of the Legend in the units of aDisplay. A clone of TOC TextSymbol for the View that contains aTheme should be used for aTOCSym. inTOC is aBoolean that should be set to true by any Avenue programmer because the false option is only used internally by ArcView. The extent that is returned should be used to create a rectangle that will be used by aTheme.DrawLegend

    aTheme.DrawLegend(aDisplay, aTOCSym, aRect, inTOC) - Draws aTheme's legend in aRect on aDisplay.

Issues resolved in the Network Analyst Version 1.0a

A sample extension, project, and script have been added to the samples directory. The sample extension, SLC.AVX, can be used to create travel times from speed limit data residing in the network theme's FTab or in a related road classification table. The sample project, TURNUTIL.APR, contains several scripts you can use to create and edit turntables for shapefiles. If your network data is in decimal degrees and you are routing across large distances, such as across the United States or Europe, you can use the sample script named COSTFLD.AVE to create a travel cost field. For this type of data, using the travel cost field will yield more accurate results than if you use the default <Line Length> travel cost.

  • SDBsn44499
    Solving a service area problem after deleting a service area result theme sometimes used to generate a memory error message. This no longer happens.

  • SDBsn47946
    The following new requests have been added to the Network class. They do not appear in the on-line help however they are available for you to use. None of these requests take any parameters.

    GetDirCostField - Returns the field used for reporting travel costs in directions. You can use the SetDirCostField request to set the field used to report travel costs in directions.

    GetDirStreetNameFields - Returns a list of fields in the network theme's FTab used for reporting streets in directions. An empty list is returned if no street name fields were set with the SetDirStreetNameFields request.

    GetDirLandMarkTheme - Returns the point theme representing the landmarks used in reporting directions. A Nil object is returned if no landmark theme was set with the SetDirLandMarks request.

    GetDirLandMarkLabelField - Returns the label field in the landmark theme's FTab containing the name of each landmark. A Nil object is returned if no landmark label field was set with the SetDirLandMarks request.

  • SDBsn49820
    Substantial performance improvements have been implemented in the algorithms that solve routing, closest facility, and service area problems.

  • SDBsn50287 (Illegal Instruction error)
    You can now copy, paste, and then move Network graphic flags. This used to lead to an ArcView fatal.

  • SDBsn50702
    A problem with the ClearPathResult request has been fixed. It used to lead to an ArcView fatal whenever the WritePath request was used after it.

  • SDBsn51043
    The on-line help for the FindClosestFac request is incorrect. Currently it states,

    ToFacilityBoolean controls the direction of travel. If TRUE, the closest facilities will be found where the direction of travel is from the origin to the facility. If FALSE, the closest facilities will be found where the direction of travel is from the facilities to the origin.

    The correct name for this parameter is ToOriginBoolean. If TRUE, the closest facilities will be found where the direction of travel is from the facilities to the origin. If FALSE, the closest facilities will be found where the direction of travel is from the origins to the facilities.

  • SDBsn50592
    There is an error in the FindClosestFac example avenue script. The (str) argument below should read (choiceNum).

    'figure out what origin and destination was chosen
    'selIndex = resultStringList.FindByValue(str)

  • SDBsn50925
    "CFCC" has been added to the list of valid road class field names in NETWORK.AVE, located in the network directory. You can use the new GetClassificationField request to return the road class field, if any, that was set by the Network Analyst.

  • SDBsn50957
    The GetClassificationField request has been added to the NetDef class. It does not appear in the on-line help however it is available for you to use. It does not take any parameters.

    GetClassificationField - Returns the Field object that contains a classification for each line. For example, U.S. Census TIGER data has a CFCC field that contains a three character code identifying the type of line feature, such as a limited access highway, rural road, pipeline, or railroad. A Nil object is returned if there is no classification field. Valid classification field names are defined in NETWORK.AVE, located in the network directory.

    The table CFCC.DBF has been added to the network directory. This table can be used as a lookup table when computing travel times or for displaying TIGER street data. It contains three-character CFCC (TIGER road classification) codes, speed limits, and display classification codes. The speed limits and display codes can be edited to suit your application.

  • SDBsn51160
    Attempting to solve a network problem with a turntable not sorted by junction ID used to corrupt the network index directory and freeze the progress bar. If you use such a turntable now, you are prompted whether you would like to update the network index directory without the turntable. If you answer 'yes' the network index directory is updated, and if you answer 'no' the network index directory is deleted and will be created for you the next time you solve a problem.

Issues resolved in the Spatial Analyst Version 1.0a

  • SDBsn49486
    When trying to reclassify only No Data in a grid theme the Reclassify dialog's OK button would not highlight and therefore not work. This has been corrected.

  • SDBsn47792
    The requests ReturnCellValue and FindByPoint were returning large negative numbers instead of No Data values. ReturnCellValue now returns a null number when a nodata cell is given as the input, and FindByPoint returns an empty list when the input point is outside the extent of the input grid source.

  • SDBsn47009
    A geocoded theme with unmatched records could not be converted into a grid, without some post-processing (selecting only matched records). This has been corrected.

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