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ArcGIS® Survey Analyst Cadastral Editor: Cadastral Fabric — Data Model Poster

Published: February 1, 2008


The ArcGIS® cadastral fabric is a dataset created in a geodatabase; it is used for managing cadastral land record information, and is implemented as part of an organization’s land information system. This poster depicts the dataset tables and relationships defining a cadastral fabric dataset.


This poster describes the data model of the cadastral fabric dataset. A cadastral fabric is a surface of connected land parcels that are framed within a network of parcel lines. The bearings and distances from land record documents are entered and stored on these lines. Parcel corner point positions are stored coincident with the ends of parcel lines. These corner point positions are updated by processing the line data in a least squares adjustment. This process requires survey control points-- also entered and stored in the fabric. Parcel corner changes are stored and subsequently used to update other layers, thereby maintaining spatial synchronicity with the cadastral fabric base-map. The dataset is defined by a set of cadastral fabric classes forming a basic data model that can be extended by adding new attributes with domains, and with relationships to other tables and feature classes.

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