Esri Software Products Affected by TLS 1.2 Implementation

Important Updates for the ArcGIS Platform and Transport Layer Security (TLS) Protocol Support

As part of improving ArcGIS Online security, Esri requires TLS 1.2 connections for ArcGIS Online services as of April 16, 2019. Esri software that connects to ArcGIS Online is affected by this change. To ensure continued access to ArcGIS Online services, you must take action.

You can learn more about TLS and ArcGIS on the Important Updates for ArcGIS and Transport Layer Security (TLS) Protocol Support page.

Esri software that requires action includes ArcGIS Desktop and applications built on and extending ArcGIS Desktop, ArcGIS Enterprise, applications built with ArcGIS Engine (ArcObjects), and partner extensions that access ArcGIS services. Refer to the list of affected and unaffected Esri software products below for more information about specific product releases.

Affected Products



ArcGIS Desktop/Engine

ArcGIS Runtime SDKs

ArcGIS Applications

Plug-in Apps

Mobile Apps

ArcGIS Apps, Extensions, and Solutions

The following software products support TLS 1.2 connections without issue when the underlying ArcGIS Desktop software has been configured to support TLS 1.2.
ArcGIS Data Reviewer ArcGIS Aviation Airports
ArcGIS Maritime ArcGIS Pipeline Referencing
ArcGIS Solutions for Water ArcGIS Defense Mapping
ArcGIS Production Mapping ArcGIS Roads and Highways
ArcGIS Solutions for State and Local Government ArcGIS Solutions for Defense
ArcGIS Roadway Reporter Esri S-57 Viewer
ArcGIS Solutions for Telecommunications ArcGIS Workflow Manager
ArcGIS Solutions for Electric ArcGIS Solutions for Gas

Unaffected Software Products

The following software products support TLS 1.2 connections without software updates or operating system configuration changes.


ArcGIS Data Store ArcGIS Enterprise Cloud Builder for Amazon Web Services
ArcGIS Enterprise Cloud Builder for Microsoft Azure ArcGIS Enterprise SDK
ArcGIS Web Adaptor

Business Analyst

ArcGIS Business Analyst Mobile Apps ArcGIS Business Analyst Web App
ArcGIS Community Analyst

Mobile Apps

ArcGIS AppStudio Player (iOS | Android) ArcGIS Companion
ArcGIS Collector (iOS) ArcGIS Collector (Windows)
ArcGIS Explorer (iOS) ArcGIS Navigator (iOS)
ArcGIS Survey123 (iOS | Android) ArcGIS Tracker (iOS)
ArcGIS Workforce (iOS)

Plug-in Apps

ArcGIS Maps for Adobe Creative Cloud ArcGIS for Office
ArcGIS for Power BI ArcGIS for Sharepoint

ArcGIS Applications

ArcGIS AppStudio ArcGIS for INSPIRE
ArcGIS Indoors ArcGIS License Manager
ArcGIS Monitor ArcGIS Enterprise Sites
ArcGIS Explorer on OSx ArcGIS GeoEnrichment Server
ArcGIS Insights ArcGIS Survey123 Connect
ArcGIS Ortho Maker ArcReader
ArcGIS GeoPlanner

Web Apps

ArcGIS Dashboards Presentations for Online
ArcGIS Web AppBuilder ArcGIS Workforce

ArcGIS Online Configurable Templates

3D Data Visualization Basic Viewer
Compare Analysis Crowdsource Manager
Crowdsource Polling Crowdsource Reporter
Directions Edit
Elevation Profile Filter
General GeoForm
Geo List Impact Summary
Information Lookup Live Maps
Local Perspective Map Carousel
Map tools Minimalist
Time Aware Public Information
Simple Map Viewer Simple Scene Viewer
Story Map Basic Story Map Cascade
Story Map Journal Story Map Series
Story Map Shortlist Story Map Swipe and Spyglass
Story Map Tour Story Map Basic
Styler Summary Viewer

ArcGIS Runtime SDKs

ArcGIS Runtime SDK for iOS ArcGIS Runtime SDK for macOS


ArcGIS API for JavaScript

More Information

Do you have more questions about ArcGIS Online's implementation of TLS 1.2 and how this affects ArcGIS? For more information, please refer to the TLS 1.2 FAQ technical article.

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