Problem: ArcGIS Server Web Services are not working unless the Web Services account is added to the Administrator's group


After installing ArcGIS Server for the Microsoft .NET Framework, SOAP and REST Services either do not work or require that the Web Services account be added to the Administrator's group.


The Web Services account requires the 'Allow Log On Locally' policy. In heightened security environments, the User's group, that contains the Web Services account, is often denied this policy.

Solution or Workaround

Add the Web Services account to the 'Allow Log On Locally' policy. If there is a heightened security environment, communicate this change to the administrator that applies the policy to the system.

  1. Click Start > Programs > Controls Panel > Administrative Tools > Local Security Policy.
  2. In the Local Security Settings dialog box, navigate to Local Policies > User Rights Assignment.
  3. Right-click 'Allow log on locally' and select 'Properties'.
  4. Click the 'Add User or Group' button and add the ArcGIS Web Services account.
  5. Click OK and close all Local Security Settings dialog boxes.
  6. Click Start > Run. Type 'IISRESET' and press Enter.