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  1. [photogrammetry] In georeferencing, connections added between known points in a dataset being georeferenced and corresponding points in the dataset being used as a reference.
  2. [computing] An operation that relates two tables using a common field, without altering either table.
  3. [Internet] In a hyperlinked document, a graphic or piece of text that, when selected by a user, causes the display to move to another document or to another location within the same document.
  4. [ESRI software] In Survey Analyst for field measurements, an operation in which existing features can be connected to survey points. An association between survey points and feature vertices is created; feature locations are not updated automatically.
  5. [ESRI software] For ArcWeb Services, content dependencies in the ArcWeb portal. In the ArcWeb metadata, links are referred to as "online linkage."

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