How To: Fly the DJI Phantom 4 RTK drone in Site Scan for ArcGIS


Flying drones with real-time kinematics (RTK) enhances the accuracy of imagery products. RTK drones, such as the Phantom 4 RTK (P4RTK), carry a GNSS receiver onboard to gather location data from base stations as well as satellites. Below are the steps to fly the Phantom 4 RTK in the Site Scan for ArcGIS Flight app.

Site Scan support for the Phantom 4 RTK drone is in beta at this time. Therefore, some setup operations must be done outside of Site Scan.

Beta feature notes

  • Configuration of the P4RTK must take place in the DJI GS Pro app prior to flying with Site Scan.
  • Wireless image download is not supported for P4RTK. Retrieving images from the drone requires a dongle.


  1. Set up the D-RTK 2 mobile base station.
  2. In the DJI GS Pro app, enable RTK and connect the P4RTK drone to the D-RTK 2 base station.
  3. Update the Site Scan for ArcGIS Flight app to the newest version.
  4. Open the app on the iPad.
  5. Enable Beta mode: Settings > User Account > Beta Mode.
  6. Open an existing Project or create a new Project.
  7. Connect to the P4RTK drone by selecting Phantom 4 RTK.
  8. Plan the drone flight. During the planning process, you will see an RTK indicator in the telemetry bar that displays the current RTK state.
  9. Tap on the RTK indicator to view more details about the X, Y, and Z RMS Errors.
  1. Once the desired connection status is established, start the flight. At any point during the flight, geolocation accuracy can be monitored by checking the RTK connection status in the telemetry bar.


  1. After completing the mission, connect an SD Card reader dongle to the iPad to retrieve images from the vehicle’s memory card, or upload images directly from the computer to Site Scan Manager.

RTK Color Definitions

RTK indicator on the telemetry bar changes color depending on the RTK status:

  • Grey/crossed out: RTK is disabled
  • Red: RTK Enabled with No Positioning 
  • Yellow: RTK Enabled with Single Point Positioning or RTK Float Solution 
  • Green: RTK Enabled with Fixed Solution (shown in procedure)

RMS Error values change color depending on the error margin, as shown in the image below

  • Black: 0 < RMS Error ≤ 0.1m 
  • Red: RMS Error > 0.1m OR RMS Error = 0 

Last Published: 10/16/2020

Article ID: 000024385

Software: Site Scan for ArcGIS Current