How To: Embed a survey form and edit existing data from ArcGIS Survey123 in ArcGIS Dashboards


ArcGIS Dashboards supports embedded content in dashboard elements. The content may vary from images and videos, to website pages and more. Embedding surveys from ArcGIS Survey123 combines the visual appeal and understanding of Dashboards with real-time data editing and response.

This article describes how to embed a survey form from ArcGIS Survey123 in ArcGIS Dashboards, and customize the form to edit existing data.


A survey created in ArcGIS Survey123 is saved as a feature layer in ArcGIS Online by default.
  1. Save the feature layer from ArcGIS Survey123 as a web map in ArcGIS Online.
    1. Sign in to ArcGIS Online, and click Content.
    2. Open the survey feature layer, and select Open in Map Viewer.
    3. Click the Save icon to save the map as a web map.
  1. Create an Operations Dashboard web app.
    1. Navigate to Content. Click Create > Using Operations Dashboard.
    2. In the Create a web app dialog box, specify the Title and add Tags. Optionally, specify Summary and Categories.
    3. Specify a folder to save the web app under Save in folder, and click OK.
Image showing the Create a web app dialog box
Users are directed to the Operations Dashboard page by default. Optionally, navigate to Content, and click the created web app on the item description page. On the item description page, select Edit Dashboard.
  1. On the Operations Dashboard page, add the Map element to the dashboard.
    1. Click the Add + icon and select Map.
    2. Select the web map created in Step 1, and specify the settings as required.
    3. Click Done.
  1. Add a survey form as an Embedded Content element.
    1. Click the Add + icon, and select Embedded Content.
    2. Copy and paste the survey form URL into the URL field. In this example, the following URL is used:
https://survey123.arcgis.com/share/<survey form ID>
  1. For Type, select Features. Select and click the required layer from the survey form.
  2. Click Done.
Add other elements as desired to the dashboard layout. Refer to ArcGIS Dashboards: Dashboard layout for more information.
  1. Add the List element to allow interactive selection of features, and filter the embedded content based on the selected feature.
    1. Click the Add + icon and select List.
    2. Select the feature layer.
    3. Click the List tab. In the List pane, click the Fields button Image of the Fields button and select GlobalID.
    4. Click Done to close the List tab.
    5. Click the Actions tab, and select Add Action > Filter.
    6. In the Filter pane, click Add Target and select the embedded content (the survey form).
    7. Click Done.
In ArcGIS Survey123 version 3.9 onwards, the mode query parameter is changed by replacing the use of ObjectID with GlobalID as the means of setting the feature record to be updated or viewed. Refer to FAQ: What are the changes to Survey123 Web Form's Query Parameters for more information.
Insert Filter to pull the related information to the survey form
  1. Modify the reference URL in the URL field to enable edits on existing survey data in ArcGIS Dashboards.
    1. On the dashboard, click the Configure icon on the embedded survey form.
Image of the dashboard
  1. On the Data tab, select Features for Type, and select the layer to display in Select a layer.
  2. Modify the URL in the URL field. Refer to the GeoNet: Web form URL parameters blog post for more information. For example, the following URL is modified to extract related information according to the GlobalID, and allows users to edit existing data through the ArcGIS Survey123 survey form.
https://survey123.arcgis.com/share/<survey form ID>?mode=edit&globalId={globalid}&version=latest
  1. Click Done.

The image below shows data in the survey match the features selected from the List element in ArcGIS Dashboards, and can be edited in the embedded ArcGIS Survey123 form.

Select the feature from the list and the survey form to retrieve the related information

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