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FAQ: What are the deprecation plans for ArcGIS products?


What are the deprecation plans for ArcGIS products?


This article contains links to older deprecation plan documents published prior to September 2021. For deprecation notices published after this date, please go to the Esri Support site, select a product, and scroll down to the Deprecation Notices section.

Over time software evolves to accommodate new features and as the overall IT landscape continues to change. Sometimes these changes mean that features or functionality will be removed in a future release. That a feature or functionality is "deprecated" means that Esri intends to remove the feature or functionality in a future release. The feature or functionality continues to be fully supported until it is officially removed in that future release, but will typically not receive new features or other enhancements. The deprecation time frame can span several months or years depending on the specifics of the planned change. The notice is intended to allow you time to plan for the future removal of the feature or functionality.

The purpose of the deprecation plan is to provide as much advance notice as possible regarding these changes, and to understand the implications of each release.

Last Published: 2/22/2022

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