How To: Calculate geometry in ArcGIS Pro


The Calculate Geometry interface of Field Calculation in ArcMap does not exist in ArcGIS Pro. To calculate geometries for features such as the polygon area of the features, use either the Python expression in the Calculate Field or the Add Geometry Attributes geoprocessing tools.


Option 1: Use a Python expression in the Field Calculation tool

Python expressions can be created using properties from the Geometry object including type, extent, centroid, firstPoint, lastPoint, area, length, isMultipart, and partCount (for example, !shape.area!).

Python expressions can use the geometry area and length properties with an areal or linear unit to convert the value to a different unit of measure, for example, !shape.length@kilometers!:

User-added image

For more geometry properties and unit of measure keywords, refer to the following link: Calculate Field.

Option 2: Use the Add Geometry Attribute geoprocessing tool

This tool adds new attribute fields to the input features representing the spatial or geometric characteristics and location of each feature, such as length, area, and x-, y-, z-, and m-coordinates. For more information, refer to the following web help page, ArcGIS Pro: Add Geometry Attributes.

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