How To: Use an external web browser to sign in to the Survey123 for ArcGIS


By default, the Survey123 for ArcGIS field app and Survey123 Connect for ArcGIS both have an embedded web view for signing in to the app. Both apps also support launching an external web browser for signing in.

Reasons for using an external web browser to sign in include:

  • Security policies that dictate specific web browser use
  • Requirements for using web browser credential management
  • Screen size and resolution behavior

Whether using the embedded web view or an external web browser, the same OAuth sign-in page is displayed.

The ability to use an external web browser to sign in is already configured for ArcGIS Online and Portal for ArcGIS.


While older versions of Survey123 required configuration to launch an external web browser for logging in, the latest versions have a simple button that can be enabled to make this possible.

Whether adding a Portal for ArcGIS URL or an ArcGIS Online URL, the option to "Use external web browser for sign in" can be enabled when adding the portal.

If you are using ArcGIS Online, it is already listed in your active portals by default. You must select "Add Portal" and re-add your full organization URL to the list to be able to select that option for sign-in, as seen above.