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Error: Embed code can only contain one "<iframe>"

Error Message

Embedding a web application or web map in Story Maps returns the following error.

Embed code can only contain one "<iframe>"
Image displays the error returned.


This error occurs when:

  • There are multiple <iframe> tags found embedded in the HTML code.
  • The underlying source code of the <iframe> is referencing another <iframe> tag, which is also embedded.

Solution or Workaround

Identify the correct URL to be embedded. The following is an example of how to locate a URL within an embedded hyperlink.

The following embedded hyperlink is used for this example: http://video.esri.com/iframe/3623.
  1. Open the embedded link in a web browser.
    Embedded URL used for example.
  2. At the embedded link page, open the web browser Developer Tools. The Developer Tools pane provides web authoring and debugging tools, which allows direct interaction with a web page. The links provided below explain how to open the developer tools in some of the most commonly used browsers.
  3. In the Developer Tools pane, identify the embedded URL. For this example, the unique identifier '3623' is used to identify the embedded hyperlink associated with the URL. For this example, the embedded hyperlink '//video.esri.com/embed/362/0000/width/480/0' is referencing another embedded hyperlink and not the actual URL.
    User-added image
    Please search accordingly for the unique identifier, as it differs for every hyperlink. 
    If the actual URL is present in the embedded hyperlink, skip Steps 4 and 5 and proceed to Step 6.
  4. Open the embedded hyperlink in Step 3 in a web browser.
  5. Use the Find function in the web browser to identify the correct URL from the embedded link. The unique identifier from Step 3 can be used to determine this.Image displays the correct URL for the video. 
  6. Embed the correct URL in Story Maps. The following blog post describes the steps of how to embed a link in Story Maps: Embedding a Story Map within a Story Map

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