Problem: Unable to print PDF of map-enabled dashboard or document from MicroStrategy Web


When attempting to print a PDF from MicroStrategy Web of a map-enabled dashboard or document, the PDF preview window shows one of the following, depending on the browser:

  • A continuously spinning icon over the map in Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE)
  • A blank space, the underlying grid, or a red X where the map should be in Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome


This problem occurs:

  • If printing was not enabled for the Esri Maps for MicroStrategy deployment, or
  • Using either Internet Explorer in compatibility mode, or using IE 8.x.
The inability to print PDFs of map-enabled documents in IE 8.x is a known limitation of Esri Maps for MicroStrategy.

Solution or Workaround

For Esri Maps for MicroStrategy 2.0 and 2.0.1, follow the steps below.

Pop-ups must be allowed in the browser to display the PDF preview window.
Before following the steps below, IE users must ensure that they are not using compatibility mode in IE 9.x and higher; compatibility mode is not supported in MicroStrategy Web.
  1. Create a temp folder in the Esri Maps for MicroStrategy (em4mstr) directory, where <web-server-installation> is the MicroStrategy Web installation directory:
    The default location for the MicroStrategy Web installation directory for IIS is:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\MicroStrategy\Web ASPx
  2. Provide 'Everyone' with write permissions on the temp folder.

  1. If using:

    • MicroStrategy 2.0, enable anonymous authentication on the MicroStrategy website. In the web application server authentication tool, select the MicroStrategy site, and enable anonymous authentication.


    If it is not desired to enable Anonymous Authentication on the MicroStrategy website, upgrade to Esri Maps for MicroStrategy 2.0.1.

    • In MicroStrategy 2.0.1, it is only necessary to enable Anonymous Authentication for the plugins/em4mstr/temp folder in the MicroStrategy website. In the web application server authentication tool, browse to the following location and enable anonymous authentication.

  1. Verify that printing works; add an image to the temp folder created in Step 1, for example, test.png.
  2. Create a MicroStrategy document and insert the image that points to the URL of the image in the temp folder. For example,
  3. In Interactive Mode, print the document.
    If printing fails or the image is not visible in the PDF, contact the MicroStrategy Web Administrator.

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