How To: Symbolize points based on an multiple attribute values


This procedure allows a user to symbolize points based on multiple attribute values.


Instructions provided describe how to symbolize points with both different colors and size determined by a value in the attribute table.

  1. Right-click on the layer, go to Properties, and click on the Symbology tab.

    On the left side (the 'Show:' box), click on Multiple Attributes.
  2. In the Value Fields, select the field that contains the attribute you want to base the symbology on. Leave the other two fields blank.

    Click on the Add All Values button at the bottom and uncheck <all other values>.
  3. Click on Symbol Size button. This brings up another dialog box. Select the value field and set it to the one that has quantities. Leave the Normalization window as 'none'. Click OK.
  4. Click OK on the Layer properties window.
    The points should be symbolized with different colors for each value and the size based on the other quantity field.