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Problem: Shapefile features do not display when zooming or panning in ArcMap


When zooming or panning in a shapefile in ArcMap, some features no longer display.


The shapefile's spatial index is stale or corrupt.

Solution or Workaround

Backup the shapefile before performing the steps provided.
  1. Start Windows Explorer.
  2. Navigate to the folder wherein the shapefile is stored.
  3. Look for two files with SBX and SBN extensions. If the shapefile is called PARCELS, the files that form the spatial index are PARCELS.SBN and PARCELS.SBX.
  4. Delete the two files. If there is only one file, delete it.
  5. Open ArcMap. Pan and zoom to check if the problem is resolved.
  6. If deleting the spatial index fixes the problem of features not displayed, a new spatial index can be created in ArcCatalog. Refer to How To: Build a spatial index for a shapefile for steps to do this.
If this solution does not resolve the problem, refer to the Related Links section for more help guides.

Related Information

Last Published: 3/10/2021

Article ID: 000006099