How To: Fix WinZip configuration and avoid data corruption


The issue described in this article can affect all types of GIS data and use of the data in any GIS application.

Instructions provided describe how to fix WinZip configuration and avoid data corruption. Data may be corrupted if it is extracted with the WinZip utility. The corruption that occurs can affect any type of GIS data.

The steps in this article apply to all versions of WinZip.

The issue described in this article does not affect other compression utilities


A default setting must be changed on the WinZip compression utility. The default setting may corrupt data, while data is being unzipped.

This setting has no effect on data when it is zipped.

Follow the steps below.

  1. Open WinZip Classic.
  2. Select Options > Configuration, and click the Miscellaneous tab.
  3. Uncheck the TAR file smart CR/LF conversion box. The box will remain unchecked until it is checked again, or WinZip is reinstalled.
  4. Unzip and import the data.
Here are some examples of error messages and problems that can occur if the 'TAR file smart CR/LF conversion' is checked when data is extracted.

IMPORT fails with the following error:

Importing intdatimp from interchange file intsdata.e00
forrtl: severe (64): input
conversion error, unit -5, file
Internal Formatted Read
Bailing out of CONVEXPORT
Program failed to start or was killed"
SDTSIMPORT can return the following error messages:
"Error reading LE01 module (record 8)
missing FLIPS 123 subfield format definition
bailing out of CONVEXPORT"

"Error reading LE01 module, (record 2) missing FLIPS subfield format
definition unable to create arc coverage, bailing out of CONVSDTS"

"Raster object does not contain any layer, unable to created grid output path,
bailing out of CONVSDTS"
  • After converting Tiger data with ArcToolbox, the workspace does not contain any file names, it only contains the .rt extension.
  • When opening a coverage that was imported from an .e00 file in ArcView, the arcs do not display.
  1. Extra steps are necessary if the compressed file has a .tar.gz extension from compression on Unix. Follow the instructions below to avoid corrupting these data.
    1. When the .tar.gz file is double-clicked to open, WinZip displays a dialog box that reads:
"Archive contains X number of files.
'Should WinZip decompress it to temporary folder and open it?'"
  1. Click No.
  2. Check the TAR file smart CR/LF conversion box. Extract the .tar file from the .gz archive to the desired folder.
  3. Double-click the .tar file to start WinZip a second time. Uncheck the TAR file smart CR/LF conversion box and extract the .tar file.

Last Published: 9/2/2020

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