Problem: Unable to save changes to the display of fields in the attribute table of a web map


When working in a web map in the ArcGIS Online Map Viewer, it is possible to configure the attribute table to show or hide different fields through the table options. However, after saving the web map, these changes to the fields in the attribute table are not seen when the web map is re-loaded. The ArcGIS Online Map Viewer is not able to honor the changes made to show or hide columns of an attribute table in a web map when saving.


This is a known issue when saving web maps in the Map Viewer.

Solution or Workaround

Consider using one of the following options for configuring the fields in the attribute table of a feature layer:

  • The attribute table displays the same fields and formatting that is configured in pop-ups. To show or hide fields each time the attribute table is opened, click Configure Pop-Up on the web map layer and use the Configure Attributes option. Once this pop-up configuration is saved in the web map, the attribute table displays the same fields that are enabled.
  • When publishing the service, only include fields that must be displayed when opening the attribute table. If publishing from ArcMap, use the Fields tab of the layer properties. If publishing from My Content, remove any unneeded fields from the source data.  
Note: System managed fields such as OBJECTID, GLOBALID, and Editor Tracking fields are hidden by default in the attribute table.
  • To remove any unneeded fields from an already published feature service, use the Delete option within the attribute table in the web map. For further detail, see ArcGIS Online Help: Work with fields.  
  • Create a Web AppBuilder application from the web map, where the attribute table widget is customizable.
    1. Create a web application from the web map using the Web AppBuilder template.
    2. Configure the Attribute Table widget in the application to show only the desired fields.
    3. Save the application.

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