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What are the Full Motion Video Add-in's Motion Imagery Standards Board (MISB) metadata requirements?

Last Published: July 11, 2022


Technically, there is no minimum requirement to play videos in the Esri Full Motion Video (FMV) add-in, if the video being played is a supported type.  However, to see video metadata on the map, the minimum attributes required are:

  • UNIX Time Stamp (also referred to as Precision Time Stamp)
  • Sensor Latitude and Sensor Longitude
  • Frame Center Latitude and Frame Center Longitude

When the minimum required fields are used, only the sensor and/or frame center location(s) are shown on the map, there is no video footprint.

It is a known limitation that no sensor and/or frame center location is shown when using minimum metadata fields in ArcGIS Pro 2.8 and 2.9. 

If a user’s video metadata is not multiplexed, or combined into a single file with the video, and a video footprint is needed, the following fields are required by the Esri FMV Video Multiplexer geoprocessing (GP) tool.  These fields allow the GP tool to calculate the video footprint:

  • UNIX Time Stamp
  • Platform Heading, Platform Pitch, and Platform Roll
  • Sensor Latitude, Sensor Longitude, and Sensor Altitude
  • Horizontal FOV
  • Sensor Relative Azimuth, Sensor Relative Elevation, and Sensor Relative Roll

Esri FMV requires that all video metadata comply with MISB standards. MISB ST 0601 is a standard that includes detailed explanations and requirements for the creation of a Local Set (LS) for the exchange of metadata among digital Motion Imagery systems. The standard provides detailed information and examples of data and data ranges for all approved fields within the schema. All MISB-compliant attributes are accepted by Esri FMV, as outlined in the UAS Datalink Local Set.

The UAS Datalink Local Set is an extensible Key-Length-Value (KLV) metadata set designed primarily for transmission through a wireless communication link; however, the video metadata works equally well when parsed from an archived video file.

The most recent version of the ST0601 document is downloadable, and can be found on the MISB Publications website. It is contained within a Composite Documents Zip File. ST0601 and all subsequent and previous versions of MISB ST 0601 are also available at this site.

To download the Esri FMV Add-in and geoprocessing tools for ArcGIS Desktop, go to Depending on the version of ArcMap in use, the version compatibility is shown in the following table. For ArcGIS Pro, FMV is built-in as of version 2.2, but requires the Image Analyst extension.

FMV/ArcMap Version Compatibility
ArcMap VersionFMV Version
10.3.x - 10.5.xv 1.3.2
10.6.xv 1.4
10.7.xv 1.4.1
10.8.xv 1.4.2

The following fields show typical values required if a user would like to use the Esri FMV Multiplexer geoprocessing tool to add geospatial metadata into the file.

Unix Time Stamp1442766509558680
Sensor Relative Azimuth0
The Unix Time Stamp value refers to microseconds since the epoch beginning January 1, 1970.  A web site such as Epoch Converter can convert human readable timestamps to microseconds to prepare data for the FMV Video Multiplexer geoprocessing tool.

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  • ArcGIS Pro 2 x
  • ArcMap

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