Polygons captured in an ArcGIS Survey123 survey form do not display in ArcGIS Online Map Viewer

Last Published: April 27, 2022


Geoshape questions in ArcGIS Survey123 allow the creation of polygons on a map using geometry in a feature layer instead of points. When viewing the feature layer in ArcGIS Online, the polygons captured in the ArcGIS Survey123 form do not display in Map Viewer.

The image below shows a survey feature layer in Map Viewer, but the captured polygon is not displayed.

An example of a polygon created from a geoshape questions not displayed in Map Viewer


In the XLSForm of the survey, the bind::esri:fieldType column of the geoshape field is set to 'null', which prevents the polygons from being created.

In the XLS, 'null' set in the bind::esri:fieldType column

Solution or Workaround

In ArcGIS Online, click the More Options button The More Options button to select where the item opens. next to the survey form, and select the Edit in Survey123 Connect option. In ArcGIS Survey123 Connect, download the survey form to access the XLSForm.
  1. In the XLSForm, delete null from the bind::esri:fieldType column of the geoshape field.
Image of null being deleted from the bind::esri:fieldType column
  1. Save the change in the XLSForm, and republish the survey.

The image below shows the polygon captured in the survey form is displayed in Map Viewer.

Image of the example of a polygon captured in the survey form displayed in Map Viewer

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  • ArcGIS Online
  • ArcGIS Survey123 Connect
  • ArcGIS Survey123 Website

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