Network Analysis Tools in the Ready To Use Tools Gallery

Last Published: March 28, 2022


The Network Analysis tools in the Ready To Use Tools gallery have been deprecated and removed from the Ready To Use Tool gallery in ArcGIS Pro 3.0. Network analysis can be performed with an ArcGIS Enterprise or ArcGIS Online routing service in ArcGIS Pro using network analysis layers. The workflow is the same as when using a network dataset on disk.

These tools were originally ported from ArcMap, where they were the only way to perform network analysis using a routing service. However, the standard network analysis workflows in ArcGIS Pro seamlessly support routing services with no need for special tools. When creating a network analysis layer in ArcGIS Pro, choose either a network dataset or a routing service as the layer’s network data source. The Ready To Use Tools are now outdated and no longer needed.


Users in ArcGIS Pro 3.0 can carry out Network Analysis workflows from the Network Analysis gallery found on the Analysis tab.

  1. Create a network analysis layer of the desired type using the Network Analysis gallery on the Analysis tab. You must be logged into the portal, although it does not need to be the active portal.
  2. On the Network Analysis gallery, ensure that the Network Data Source is set to the desired portal. Select the network analysis type tp use. Learn more about how to create a network analysis layer in the following article: Work with network analysis layers
  3. After selecting the desired analysis type, a network analysis layer is created in the map. Adjust the layer’s analysis settings, add or edit input locations, and solve the analysis. Refer to the Network Analyst tutorials to learn more about the workflow.

To create a single geoprocessing tool similar to the now-deprecated Ready To Use tools, create a model tool following the tutorial: Create a model for route analysis or create a script tool using the arcpy.nax Python module, as described in: Perform network analysis

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