Create a legend on the banner of a Story Map Tour

Last Published: July 27, 2023


When creating a Story Map Tour, there is no built-in functionality in the story map configuration to create a legend. However, it is possible to use the HTML <img> tag to generate images as symbology for a legend on the banner.


Complete the steps below to create a legend on the banner of a Story Map Tour.

This workflow is recommended for the Three Panel and Integrated layouts.
  1. Open the Story Map Tour app in the story configuration mode.
  2. On the top banner of the app, under the title, click the pencil icon to open the subtitle box.
Story configuration mode.
  1. In the subtitle box, enter a legend title, an HTML <img> tag to generate an image as the symbology, and a label. Refer to the code below.
Legend Title: <img src="ImageURL" height="pixels" width="pixels"> = Label

The image below shows a code sample including a legend title, the HTML <img> tag representing each symbology, and its label in a legend.

Code sample
  1. Press Enter and click SAVE.

The image below shows a legend on the banner of a Story Map Tour.

Story Map Tour with a legend.

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