Could not get metadata record object

Last Published: April 25, 2020

Error Message

When the 'Details' or 'Metadata' link of a search result record in GPT 9.3 is clicked, the following error message displays:

"Could not get metadata record object".


This is usually caused by a problem with the MetadataServer, the database connection, or the SDE service. The GIS Portal is not able to retrieve details or metadata for the record because it cannot access them.

Solution or Workaround

There are a number of things to check when this error occurs. Each of the following requires access to the environment on which the GIS Portal is installed and should be investigated one at a time to troubleshoot.

  • Check that a port number is included in the cswServletUrl parameter of the gpt.xml file. This parameter appears on or about line 57. The cswServletUrl parameter should have a port number in it even if a redirector has been configured. The redirector may be slow to interpret the request and so the error occurs before the redirect can happen.


  • Ensure that the GPT MetadataServer has been installed and that the MetadataServer service is started. This can be checked in the Windows Services dialog box. If the service is started, check that it is dependent on SDE by right-clicking the service, viewing its Properties, and verifying that the ArcGIS SDE service is listed as a service on which the MetadataServer depends.
  • Check the Tomcat logs (located at <Tomcat Installation Directory>\logs) for reported errors. The two files to look at are the stdout.log file and the gpt.log file.
  • Check the MetadataServer log files (located at <MetadataServer_Install>\log ) for reported errors.

    a) Some database connection errors may be visible; if this is the case, check the SDEWORKSPACE settings in the PTWeblink.cfg file (located in the <MetadataServer_Install>\etc folder).

    The SDEWORKSPACE tag appears twice in this file. Check both instances.

    b) If database connection errors are found in this file, correct them, save the file, and restart the MetadataServer service.
  • Check that the ESRI license for ArcGIS SDE is up-to-date. The SDE service does not run if the license is expired. Because the MetadataServer service depends on the SDE service, if the SDE service is down, errors will be experienced when interacting with metadata in the Portal.

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