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With the ArcGIS platform, the Esri vision is to build many industry-specific data models. Our basic goals are to simplify the process of implementing projects, and to promote and support standards that exist in our user communities.

Academic and industry leaders collaborate with Esri to create and design data model templates that can be used with one GIS platform. The result is this set of data model structures that can be implemented for each of the industries and scientific disciplines that Esri serves.

Read about the goals and process in the Introduction to ArcGIS Data Models, and visit the Data Model tips and tricks page designed as a resource for common methods and best practices.

Visit the Esri datamodel discussion forum to share your ideas, thoughts, and questions with other users.

Use this list to explore the industry areas. Some have available for download case studies, some have design templates, some have tools, and some have two or more of these available.

 Data models available for download here are not applicable to all the product versions listed. Please note the relevant product and version listed for each data model.

Download Links

Below is a list of data models that are or will be available for download.


Created: 10/1/2012
Last Modified: 2/12/2013

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Data model contains rules for building construction (building Law)


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