How To: Change the highway shield marker symbol colors in ArcGIS Pro


A highway shield is a sign used to indicate the route number of a highway. It varies in shape and color with a route number enclosed. In some instances, the colors of the highway shield are changed to accommodate current law enforcements. However, in ArcGIS Pro, there is no option to change the colors.


As a workaround, follow the instructions described below:

  1. In ArcGIS Pro, select the desired highway shield as a point symbol.
Ensure the labels of the layer are enabled. Refer to ArcGIS Pro: Turn on labels for more information.
  1. In the Contents pane, right-click the desired layer and select Labeling Properties.
Labelling Properties
  1. In the Label Class pane,click the Symbol tab, and expand the Callout drop-down menu. Select Point symbol.
Point symbol drop-down
  1. Click the Labelling tab, and select the desired shield symbol in the Text Symbol Style group. In this example, Shield 1 is selected.
Shield symbol
  1. Navigate to the Catalog pane, expand the Styles drop-down menu, and right-click ArcGIS 2D. Select Manage.
Manage option
  1. On the Catalog tab, scroll to and right-click the same type of shield symbol as in step 1, and select Copy.
Copy option
  1. Navigate to the Catalog pane and on the Project tab, right-click Styles. Select New > New Style.
New Style option
  1. In the Create a new style dialog box, type the desired name for the new style, and click Save to save the new style in the Project folder.
Create a new style dialog box
  1. Right-click the new style created in step 5, and select Paste to paste the highway shield symbol in the new style.
Paste option
  1. Right-click the new style again, and select Manage.
Manage option
  1. Click the pasted highway shield symbol on the Catalog tab. The description and properties of the shield symbol are displayed on the right pane.
Selected Highway Shield
  1. In the right pane, navigate to Properties, click the Layers icon, and scroll to the Appearance settings.
Ensure the layers are unlocked. Refer to ArcGIS Pro: Color locking for more information.
Shield pane
  1. Modify the color of the shield symbol.
    1. Select a layer of the symbol, and change the color of the layer to the desired color.
    2. Click Apply.
Click OK when prompted to save the setting.
Color drop-down menu
  1. Use the customized shield symbol for the map.
    1. Close the Catalog tab, and navigate to the Label Class pane.
    2. Click the Point symbol drop-down list, and select More point symbols.
Color drop-down menu
  1. Select the new customized shield, and click OK.
Choose a point symbol dialog box
  1. Click Apply in the Label Class pane to view the changes.
Apply option and the color change

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Last Published: 10/23/2019

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