How To: Convert polyline features to polygon features with an ArcGIS Desktop Basic license


Polyline features can be converted to polygon features using different geoprocessing tools depending on the type of ArcGIS license. The Feature to Polygon tool is available with the Advanced ArcGIS Desktop license while the Construct Polygons tool is available with both the ArcGIS Desktop Advanced and Standard license. The Convert Polylines To Polygon tool is available with the Production Mapping license. With an ArcGIS Desktop Basic license, use the Merge tool and the Auto-Complete Polygon tool to convert polyline features to polygon features.

The image below shows a polyline feature and its attribute table.

Attribute table


To convert a polyline feature to a polygon feature with an ArcGIS Desktop Basic license, follow the instructions below:

  1. In ArcMap, create an empty polygon feature class using the Create Feature Class tool. Refer to ArcMap: Create Feature Class for more information.
Empty polygon feature class
  1. Click the Editor drop-down and click Start Editing.
  2. Click the Select tool and select the polyline feature to be converted to a polygon feature.
Higlighted section of the polylines
  1. Click the Editor drop-down again and select Merge.
Merge option
  1. In the Merge dialog box, select the polyline feature to be merged and click OK.
Desired polyline feature
  1. Click the Create Features dialog box and select the polygon feature created in step 1. Select the Auto Complete Polygon tool under the Construction Tools section.
The Auto Complete Polygon tool only appears if the polygon feature in the Create Features pane is selected.
Auto Complete Polygon tool
  1. Right-click any part of the polyline feature, and select Replace Sketch to highlight the whole feature.
The image below shows the highlighted polyline feature.
Highlighted polyline features
  1. Right-click the polyline feature again, and click Finish Sketch to end the sketch.
  2. Click Save Edits to save the newly created polygon feature and end the edit session.
The image below shows the polygon feature created from the polyline feature and its attribute table.
Newly created polygon feature
Attribute table

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Last Published: 12/5/2019

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