How To: Delete features with no geometry in ArcGIS Online


The current method to delete a feature from a hosted feature layer in ArcGIS Online Map Viewer is by clicking the feature on the map, and clicking Delete in the feature's pop-up window. However, it is not possible to delete features with no geometry using this method because the features are not displayed on the map.


Choose one of the methods described to delete features with no geometry in ArcGIS Online.

Create a local copy for editing in ArcMap and synchronize the edits to ArcGIS Online

This workflow requires ArcGIS Desktop with a Standard or Advanced license.
  1. Launch ArcMap, and sign in to ArcGIS Online.
  2. Add the hosted feature service to ArcMap.
  3. Open the Catalog window, and expand My Hosted Services.
  4. Select the feature service containing the features to delete, and drag the feature service onto the map window.
  5. Pan and zoom the map to the full extent of the features to edit.
  6. Right-click the feature service group layer and click Edit Features > Create Local Copy for Editing.
Click Edit Features
This option is only available if editing is enabled for the feature layer. Refer to ArcGIS Online: Manage hosted feature layers for more information.
  1. Click the Editor menu on the Editor toolbar, and click Start Editing.
  2. Right-click the layer to edit, and click Open Attribute Table.
  3. In the attribute table, select the record with no geometry, and click the Delete Selected icon at the top of the attribute table dialog box. To delete multiple records simultaneously, press the Ctrl key while selecting the records to delete.
  4. Click the Editor menu on the Editor toolbar, and click Save Edits. Click the Editor menu again, and click Stop Editing.
  5. Right-click the local copy group layer and click Edit Features > Synchronize Local Edits with Server.
Click Edit Features

Delete features from the REST endpoint of the feature service

Before deleting any features through the REST endpoint, consider exporting a copy of the feature layer. If the operation is done incorrectly, a copy of the feature layer may be needed for rollback. Refer to ArcGIS Online: Export data from hosted feature layers for more information.
  1. Log in to ArcGIS Online with administrator credentials.
  2. Click My Content, navigate to the intended feature service, and click the feature service.
  3. On the item details page of the feature service, click the Settings tab.
  4. Under the Feature Layer (hosted) Settings section, check the check box for Enable editing, and click Save to save the changes.
  5. Click the Overview tab, and click the Service URL hyperlink under the Layers section.
  6. On the ArcGIS REST Services Directory page, scroll to Supported Operations, and click Delete Features.
  7. Enter the Object IDs of the features to delete, separated by a comma and space, for example, 3, 8, 10, and so forth.
  8. Change Rollback on Failure to True.
  9. Click Delete Features.
ArcGIS REST services directory page

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