Error: Basemap is not available. Displaying the default basemap instead

Error Message

In ArcGIS Online, opening a web map returns the following error:

Basemap is not available. Displaying the default basemap instead.
Image of the error message


The following are possible causes for this issue.

  • Certain web browsers and browser settings can prevent web sites with mixed content from drawing completely.
  • The basemap may be temporarily offline.
  • ArcGIS Online is referencing an incorrect tile layer URL. This can occur if the tile layer is deleted before being updated or if the name of the tile layer is changed.
  • Incorrect security settings. The organizations security settings use HTTPS, however the service URL for the basemap is referencing a HTTP URL.

In addition, there are known issues in ArcGIS Online and Portal for ArcGIS caused by BUG-000099434, which is triggered when a web map is opened that references an unavailable basemap.

Solution or Workaround

Try one of the following workarounds to solve this issue.

  • Temporarily disable any extensions installed in the browser that may interfere with the ability to load the basemap, such as Privacy Badger.
  • Configure the ArcGIS Online security settings to allow HTTPS connections. The following ArcGIS Online document describes this in detail: Configure security settings.
Organizations can apply a domain filter to determine the domains that are allowed and restricted within the organization. The following document provides a list of URLs, which must be added into the organizations whitelist for ArcGIS Online to have full functionality: Domain Requirements for ArcGIS Online.
The ArcGIS Online Assistant can also be used to determine if mixed content is used by inspecting the web maps JSON. The following document explains the behavior of using mixed content in ArcGIS Online: Troubleshoot.

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