Problem: The Sign In and ArcGIS Online options are inactive in the File menu


Hosted feature services cannot be published from ArcMap because the Sign In and ArcGIS Online options are inactive (grayed out). The Sign In option allows users to log in to ArcGIS Online from ArcMap, and the ArcGIS Online option allows users to access data and maps uploaded to ArcGIS Online. 

Image displays Sign In and ArcGIS Online options greyed out.


The following are possible causes for this issue.

  • The ArcGIS Connection Utility is disconnected because the ArcGIS Connection Properties is set to Never check. This setting allows ArcGIS Desktop to check for ArcGIS Online’s availability. A globe icon symbolizes a good connection; a globe icon with a red 'X' symbolizes a bad connection.
Image displays the disconnected ArcGIS Connection icon.
  • ArcMap is referencing an incorrect ArcGIS Online connection. In ArcGIS Administrator, the default ArcGIS Online connection (www.argis.com) is referenced instead of the organizational domain.

Solution or Workaround

Use one of the workarounds listed below to solve this issue.

  • Re-establish the ArcGIS Connection Utility.
    1. Open ArcMap.
    2. Click the Show hidden icons button on the Windows taskbar and locate the disconnected ArcGIS Connection globe icon in the taskbar.
      Image displays the Show hidden icons and the disconnected ArcGIS Connection icon
    3. Right-click the ArcGIS Connection icon and click ‘Properties…’.
      The ArcGIS Connection icon only appears after launching ArcMap.
    4. In the ArcGIS Connection Properties dialog box, under Connection Test Frequency, select the Always check at the start of a session option, and click OK.
      Displays the ArcGIS Connection Properties dialog box.
    5. The ArcGIS Connection Utility is now connected. Hover the cursor over the ArcGIS Connection icon to check the status.
      The ArcGIS Connection icon is connected.
  • Add the ArcGIS Online organizational domain in ArcGIS Administrator.

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