How To: Make Oracle database authentication connections using EZCONNECT syntax


Instructions provided describe the steps to make Oracle database authentication connections using the Oracle Instant Client and EZCONNECT syntax. See Knowledge Base article 42269 for more information.


  1. Download the (32-bit) Oracle Instant Client from the ESRI Customer Care Portal, and unzip it to a location on the local ArcGIS Desktop machine. Change the name of the folder if desired.

  2. Add the Oracle Instant Client path to the beginning of the existing PATH (operating system) Environment Variable.

  3. Launch ArcCatalog and make a connection using the EZCONNECT syntax and selecting the Database Authentication option from the drop-down, then specify a username and password.

    The EZCONNECT syntax consists of the name of the server machine where the Oracle instance resides, a forward slash, and the name of the ORACLE SID.

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