How To: Create a street index for use with Data Driven Pages


Instructions provided describe some different methods used to create a street index for use with Data Driven Pages.

With the introduction of Data Driven Pages at version 10, requests have been made to include the ability to create a street index page. Although this is not available out of the box, there are ways to produce a street index for the Map Book.


This article addresses two methods for adding a street index. Either option may be used, depending on the system environment and user needs.

  • Python Option:

    There is a script tool at ArcGIS Online that processes the data to make the index. Find the tool here: arcpy.mapping MapBook with Index Pages.

    This Python sample can be modified to fit additional needs of the user.

  • DBF Table Option:

    1. Intersect the streets feature class with the map grid index feature class using the Spatial Join tool.

    2. Use the streets layer as the Target Features and the map grid index layer as the Join Features. Set the Join Operation to One-to-Many. Leave the rest of the options as default. A new feature class is created.

    3. Open the new feature class' attribute table and add a new text field.

    4. Concatenate the Street Name and the PageNumber fields (Field Calculate using [NAME]& "-"& [PageNumber]).

    5. Summarize based on the new field. (In the open attribute table, right-click the concatenated field and select Summarize.) Doing this removes the duplicate entries. Select any other summarizations that may be helpful.

    6. Open the created .dbf file in Excel and make changes as needed. Print or convert the table to the desired format and add it to the Map Book.
    This table can be added into the layout using the other add-in, arcpy.mapping Map Book with Dynamic Graphic Tables, listed in the Related Information links below. Also, 'insert object' and 'add table to layout' are options to add static tables to the layout.

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Last Published: 5/5/2016

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