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Patches and updates

PLTS for ArcGIS 9.3.1 Foundation Service Pack 1

Published: December 23, 2009


This Service Pack is obsolete. It has been replaced with a more recent PLTS for ArcGIS 9.3.1 Foundation Service Pack.


This Service Pack contains general performance improvements and maintenance fixes. Additionally, it includes the coefficients for the latest release of the World Magnetic Model (WMM2010).


ESRI® is pleased to announce PLTS for ArcGIS 9.3.1 Foundation Service Pack 1. We recommend that customers download and install this Service Pack at their earliest convenience. This service pack upgrades PLTS for ArcGIS Foundation to version and includes all changes from PLTS for ArcGIS 9.3.1 Foundation Patch 1.

Issues Addressed with this Service Pack

  • 47496 Update World Magnetic Model to include the coefficients from the latest release of the World Magnetic Model (WMM2010).
  • 40908—Duplicate Check "Error condition" entries under “Compare Attributes” radio button not getting populated while configuring duplicate checks.
  • 46210—VPF Importer writes a temporary text file that is hard coded to root C. In certain environments users do not have acess to root C which can causue an error.
  • 47546—Buttons cut off at bottom of Table Format tab on a Japanese machine
  • 47552—Duplicate Check vs manually creating checks produces different results when RBJ is run
  • 46664—Add Suppress Outline Geometric Effect
  • 47930—ProductLibrary::Data Model Version error when changing
  • 47935—Elevation guide box for GIDI systems
  • 47985—PLTS Multi—Field Render is set after applying a view with Representations
  • 47994—"Only calculate selected features" not honored if no features are selected
  • 48018—Product Library::Error when creating alias at Product level
  • 48065—Rep Rules with merged (multi—part) markers cause display and export issues.
  • 48545—Table Imp/Exp only imports one record when not crashing ArcMap
  • 48662—Creating a Grid using Grid Manager does not work on Hebrew settings
  • 48762—Multi—Field render is set after calculating VST then applying a view
  • 42683—Set Data Source: slow.
  • 45856—Base Element does not handle Units Changed
  • 46468—Set Data Source not updating workspaces when FC name is same as another feature dataset name in the workspace
  • 48715—Unable to change workspace/data source in Batch Job Manager
  • 48735—IRoundedValue.get_ValueString is not taking into account the system Regional Settings
  • 44969—Add GFID/Global ID to Compare Attributes for Geo on Geo and Table to Table
  • 45782—ArcMap crashes when adding, moving, and saving edits to a point shapefile
  • 45948—ArcMap crashes after copying/pasting point shapefile and editing attributes with PLTS Foundation Tools installed
  • 47188—Drop Spot tool fails in projected data frame
  • 47513—Create Contours tool creating bad geometry
  • 42790—Clicking Save Map Sheet produces unhandled exception Object reference not set to an instance of an object
  • 43749—Solutions: PLTS MPS Atlas Export Map Sheet to handle larger size maps
  • 44708—User should be able to select folders consisting of shapefiles for "Source Workspace" in "PLTS Preload Validate" dialog.
  • 46266—Foundation extension should not be turned on when ArcMap is opened for the first time on a clean system.
  • 46303—Encounter exception when trying use Build Map Series on a point feature class
  • 46319—Finding unclosed rings in polygons topic needs to be updated
  • 46650—Add log file location to output log file generated by PLTS Data Loader
  • 46792—Create Cross reference
  • 46985—Cut tool creates duplicate line features
  • 24320—For Split operation allow coincident area edge to split target line feature at endpoints
  • 25288—Cut features tool editing shapefile data not in current edit session (enhance to consider shapefiles)
  • 28435—Cut Features Tool has List Issue
  • 28892—BJM — Validate does not find my Execute SQL statement errors
  • 38274—Error creating Navaid Component with Marker subtype
  • 38452—Feature Builder — Verticies Tab — Enable Coordinate Delete
  • 46841—LTK: Error message encountered on clicking "Repeat existing Record" on a system with Japanese OS.
  • 47260—VST Calculated Field is not calculating field as expected.
  • 47478—Instance File GDB is corrupted on check in if the File has a lock by ArcMap
  • 45305—ESRI.PLTS.Properties.Framework Exception
  • 45412—Grid Designer issue for 1:5000 townplans
  • 45756—Errors when RevAdminCustomFields and RevAdminDescriptions tables are set to Select only permissions
  • 45791—Include/Exclude: Can not Include/Exclude on 1st open of arcmap with PLTS properties that are not set.
  • 46047—Clicking on any dialog besides the more color dialog causes the OK and Cancel buttons on the New Fill dialog box to lock up
  • 46261—PLTS Views and Specifications: ArcMap extremely slow to open after using PLTS Views
  • 46382—PLTS Advanced Query Tool — Fails to return correct results using parenthesis () with the OR operator
  • 46392—Issue with the format of the SORDAT attribute should be stored as YYYYMMDD, currently converted to MM/DD/YYYY
  • 40923—Convert 9.2 Batch Jobs to 9.3 encounters error and cannot convert RBJ
  • 41021—AOI Loss of Bump Out — shapefiles
  • 41824—TLM North Arrow — Require Option to Override Spacing Specifications
  • 42103—Set Instances Maintained
  • 42242—Records written to version specified in connection properties rather than version set in Session Manager dialog
  • 42520—Segment Bearing: No Output for intersection coordinates
  • 42802—Exporting to PDF in Data View produces exception Unable to Refresh Map Series Node and causes map series to disappear
  • 43151—Exporting with Invalid Characters in Map Sheet name produces "0KB File" files
  • 43473—Ability to create coordinate values that have the seconds symbol before the decimal
  • 43500—Cannot Display Leading Zeros for corner coordinate seconds (i.e. AnnoGroup3) value
  • 43732—VST Specifications: Multiple specs not viewable when loaded from specification files
  • 44074—Add Grid Anno option for geographic direction

Files Installed with this service pack

  • Replaceplts.chm
  • ReplaceESRI.PLTS.MPS.GridManager.UI.CreateGridWizard.dll
  • ReplaceESRI.PLTS.Framework.Core.dll
  • ReplaceESRI.PLTS.Framework.Desktop.dll
  • ReplaceESRI.PLTS.Framework.Core.COM.dll
  • ReplaceESRI.PLTS.Framework.Desktop.COM.dll
  • ReplaceFrameworkCoreCOM.dll
  • ReplaceESRI.PLTS.MPS.GridManager.UI.CreateGridWizard.tlb
  • ReplaceFrameworkDesktopCOM.dll
  • ReplaceESRI.PLTS.Framework.Core.dll31
  • ReplaceESRI.PLTS.Framework.Desktop.tlb
  • ReplaceESRI.PLTS.Framework.Desktop.COM.dll32
  • ReplaceESRI.PLTS.Framework.Core.tlb
  • ReplaceResPLTSDesktopAdmin.dll
  • ReplaceESRI.PLTS.MPS.GridManager.UI.CreateGridWizard.dll34
  • ReplaceESRI.PLTS.Framework.Core.COM.dll35
  • ReplacePLTSDesktopAdmin.exe
  • ReplaceESRI.PLTS.Framework.Desktop.dll38
  • Replacesymbolizing_data_in_plts.lif
  • Replacemps_atlas.chm
  • Replacegis_data_reviewer.chm
  • Replaceediting_features_in_plts.chm
  • ReplacecsPLTSFoundationUI.HLP
  • Replacegrid_manager.chm
  • Replacecreating_geodatabases_with_plts.chm
  • Replacegetting_started_with_plts.chm
  • Replacewhat_s_new_in_plts_for_arcgis.chm
  • Replaceadministering_the_product_catalog.chm
  • Replaceworking_with_the_product_catalog.chm
  • Replacesymbolizing_data_in_plts.chm
  • Replacelinear_referencing_systems_plts.chm
  • Replacelinear_referencing_systems_plts.lif
  • ReplaceSystemInfo.exe
  • ReplaceESRI.PLTS.Foundation.ImportExport.Core.COM.dll
  • ReplaceESRI.PLTS.Foundation.ImportExport.Desktop.COM.dll
  • ReplaceESRI.PLTS.Foundation.Editing.EditingDesktopOLB.dll
  • ReplaceESRI.PLTS.Foundation.Editing.Desktop.dll
  • ReplaceESRI.PLTS.Foundation.ImportExport.Desktop.dll
  • ReplaceEditingDesktopCOM.dll
  • ReplaceFoundationTools.dll
  • ReplacePLTSAttCenterTabs.dll
  • ReplaceESRI.PLTS.Foundation.Editing.Desktop.dll41
  • ReplaceAncillaryDataLDR.dll
  • ReplaceImportExportCoreCOM.dll
  • ReplaceImportExportDesktopCOM.dll
  • ReplaceAttCenterExt.dll
  • ReplaceESRI.PLTS.Foundation.ImportExport.Desktop.dll44
  • ReplaceESRI.PLTS.Foundation.Editing.Desktop.tlb
  • ReplacePLTSNavTextFile.ocx
  • ReplacePLTSDatePicker.ocx
  • ReplacePLTSPickList.ocx
  • ReplaceESRI.PLTS.Foundation.ImportExport.Desktop.COM.dll46
  • ReplaceESRI.PLTS.Foundation.ImportExport.Core.COM.dll47
  • ReplacevbTree2.dll
  • ReplaceDbsVPFImporter.dll
  • ReplaceESRI.PLTS.Foundation.Editing.EditingDesktopOLB.dll53
  • ReplaceEditingCoreCOM.dll
  • ReplaceRevRBJUpdate.exe
  • ReplaceprjSampling.dll
  • ReplaceImportTopoErrs.dll
  • ReplaceESRI.PLTS.Reviewer.Engine.DotNet.dll68
  • ReplaceESRI.PLTS.Reviewer.Engine.ADF.dll69
  • ReplaceESRI.PLTS.Reviewer.Desktop.DotNet.dll70
  • ReplaceRevRBJMigrate.exe
  • ReplaceESRI.PLTS.Reviewer.Engine.DotNet.tlb
  • ReplaceESRI.PLTS.Reviewer.Desktop.DotNet.tlb
  • ReplaceESRI.PLTS.Reviewer.UpdateResources.dll77
  • ReplaceesriPLTSReviewerDesktopCOM.dll
  • ReplaceESRI.PLTS.Reviewer.Desktop.ADF.dll79
  • ReplaceesriPLTSReviewerEngine.dll
  • ReplaceesriPLTSReviewerEngineADF.olb
  • ReplaceesriPLTSReviewerDesktopADF.olb
  • ReplaceESRI.PLTS.MPS.Atlas.GTE.Core.dll
  • ReplaceESRI.PLTS.MPS.Atlas.GTE.UI.dll
  • ReplaceESRI.PLTS.MPS.Atlas.GTE.DesktopExt.dll
  • ReplaceESRI.PLTS.MPS.Atlas.Core.dll
  • ReplaceESRI.PLTS.MPS.Atlas.UI.dll
  • ReplaceGteUI.dll
  • ReplaceESRI.PLTS.MPS.Atlas.Core.tlb
  • ReplaceAtlas.exe
  • ReplaceGteDesktopExt.dll
  • ReplaceESRI.PLTS.MPS.Atlas.GTE.Core.dll58
  • ReplaceESRI.PLTS.MPS.Atlas.UI.dll59
  • ReplaceESRI.PLTS.MPS.Atlas.GTE.DesktopExt.dll60
  • ReplaceSeeSpotColor.exe
  • ReplaceESRI.PLTS.MPS.Atlas.GTE.UI.dll62
  • ReplaceAtlasDesktopCOM.dll
  • ReplaceStorableLayoutCore.dll
  • ReplaceGteCore.dll
  • ReplaceESRI.PLTS.MPS.Atlas.Core.dll64
  • ReplaceESRI.PLTS.MPS.Atlas.UI.tlb
  • Replaceplts_mpsatlas_tools.chm
  • Replaceplts_mpsatlas_tools.lif
  • Replaceplts_mpsatlas_tools.chm6
  • ReplacePLTS_MPSAtlas_Tools.tbx
  • ReplacePLTSOutputExtensions.dll
  • ReplaceThinHydroFeatures_MPSAtlas.xml
  • ReplaceESRI.PLTS.Reviewer.Engine.ADF.dll
  • ReplaceESRI.PLTS.Reviewer.Engine.dll
  • ReplaceESRI.PLTS.Reviewer.Engine.DotNet.dll
  • ReplaceESRI.PLTS.Reviewer.UpdateResources.dll
  • ReplaceESRI.PLTS.Reviewer.Desktop.DotNet.dll
  • ReplaceESRI.PLTS.Reviewer.RevUpdateCore.dll
  • ReplaceESRI.PLTS.Reviewer.Desktop.ADF.dll
  • ReplaceApplyView_MPSAtlas.xml
  • ReplaceWMM.xml
  • Replacemps_atlas.lif
  • Replacegis_data_reviewer.lif
  • Replaceediting_features_in_plts.lif
  • Replaceplts.awa
  • Replacegrid_manager.lif
  • Replacecreating_geodatabases_with_plts.lif
  • Replacegetting_started_with_plts.lif
  • Replacewhat_s_new_in_plts_for_arcgis.lif
  • Replaceadministering_the_product_catalog.lif
  • Replaceworking_with_the_product_catalog.lif
  • ReplaceESRI.PLTS.MPS.Atlas.UI.pdb
  • ReplaceESRI.PLTS.MPS.Atlas.Core.pdb
  • ReplaceCreateGeneralizedBands_MPSAtlas.xml
  • ReplaceCalculateBridgeOverrides_MPSAtlas.xml
  • ReplaceBandsFromRaster_MPSAtlas.xml
  • ReplaceGridManager.dll
  • NewExcel_Mapping_Template.xls
  • Newpolicy.9.3.ESRI.PLTS.Reviewer.Engine.ADF.dll
  • NewESRI.PLTS.Reviewer.Engine.ADF.config
  • Newpolicy.9.3.ESRI.PLTS.Reviewer.Engine.dll
  • NewESRI.PLTS.Reviewer.Engine.config
  • Newpolicy.9.3.ESRI.PLTS.Reviewer.RevUpdateCore.dll
  • NewESRI.PLTS.Reviewer.RevUpdateCore.config
  • Newpolicy.9.3.ESRI.PLTS.Reviewer.UpdateResources.dll
  • NewESRI.PLTS.Reviewer.UpdateResources.config
  • Newpolicy.9.3.ESRI.PLTS.Reviewer.Engine.DotNet.dll
  • NewESRI.PLTS.Reviewer.Engine.DotNet.config
  • Newpolicy.9.3.ESRI.PLTS.Reviewer.Desktop.ADF.dll
  • NewESRI.PLTS.Reviewer.Desktop.ADF.config
  • Newpolicy.9.3.ESRI.PLTS.Reviewer.Desktop.DotNet.dll
  • NewESRI.PLTS.Reviewer.Desktop.DotNet.config
  • Newpolicy.9.3.ESRI.PLTS.Framework.Core.dll
  • NewESRI.PLTS.Framework.Core.config
  • Newpolicy.9.3.ESRI.PLTS.MPS.Atlas.Core.dll
  • NewESRI.PLTS.MPS.Atlas.Core.config

Installing the Service Pack

  1. You must have administrator privileges and ensure that ArcMap is not currently open.

  2. Copy the service pack to a local folder.

  3. Double-click the Foundation931SP1.msp file and follow the installation instructions.

    Note: The service pack can be run from the command line using the following syntax:

    C:\>msiexec.exe /p path\.msp

    Example: C:\>msiexec.exe /p C:\temp\Foundation931SP1.msp

An article on command line installations can be found on the ESRI support site at:
HowTo: Install a .msp file that is not recognized as a patch file

Service Pack and Patch Updates

Check Online Support Center periodically for the availability of additional service packs and patches.

Getting Help

Domestic sites, please contact ESRI Technical Support at 909.793.3774, if you have any difficulty installing this Service Pack. International sites, please contact your local ESRI software distributor.


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