Root tile errors are returned when creating a vector tile package using a custom tiling scheme

Last Published: April 25, 2020


When creating a vector tile packages or a vector tile index, and an optional tiling scheme is used, the following errors appear:

00257: The root tile must overlap the data sufficiently for features to draw  
002112: The root tile must overlap the data sufficiently for features to draw 


The map data does not fall inside the root tile that is specified in the tiling scheme.

For more information on creating vector tile packages and vector tile indexes, see the ArcGIS Pro Web Help topics: Create Vector Tile Package, and Create Vector Tile Index.

Solution or Workaround

The simplest solution is to use the default ArcGIS Online default tiling scheme. However it may necessary to create a custom tiling scheme when using a different coordinate system, such as State Plane.

To understand root tiles, and how they are used in custom tiling schemes, see: FAQ: What is a root tile and how are they used to make a vector tile package with a local coordinate system?

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