The Comments tab does not appear in a Crowdsource Manager web app


When configuring or working with a Crowdsource Manager web app, the Comments tab does not appear in the attribute information when selecting a record.


The Comments tab can be seen in the attribute information of a record only when related records are used in the schema of the service that the Crowdsource app is based on.

Solution or Workaround

The workflow to use Comments through a related table with a Crowdsource app is described in the following resource: Crowdsource Reporter: Create layers - Enable or disable comments

Add the Comments tab in the Crowdsource Manager web application by following the steps below:

  1. In the configuration panel of the Crowdsource Manager, click the Reports tab.
  2. Enable the option under the Comments tab section to Display related records using the pop-up configuration.
  3. Select the Comments option in the Default selected tab drop-down list, if you would like the Comments to show first when the attribute information is loaded.

    Select Comments.
To add the Media tab, the feature must have at least one attachment. Follow the same procedure described and select Media in the default selected tab.

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