Map Viewer Classic in ArcGIS Online Deprecation

Last Published: June 14, 2023


Map Viewer Classic in ArcGIS Online will be deprecated with the ArcGIS Online June 2023 update (planned for June 14, 2023) and is expected to be retired in December 2025. This deprecation is consistent with the deprecation of the ArcGIS API 3.x for JavaScript on which Map Viewer Classic is built.  


Deprecation does not impact Map Viewer Classic availability, functionality, or Technical Support (Product Lifecycle Support Phase); deprecation announces retirement on a future date. Map Viewer Classic is expected to be retired in December 2025, at which point it will no longer be available and maps previously saved in Map Viewer Classic will automatically be opened and saved using Map Viewer. Versions of ArcGIS Enterprise released after the first half of 2025 will no longer include Map Viewer Classic. 

In advance of Map Viewer Classic retirement in December 2025, users should identify any workflows presently using Map Viewer Classic, such as those saved in ArcGIS Web AppBuilder apps, and proactively consider Map Viewer and other apps such as ArcGIS Experience Builder, ArcGIS Instant Apps, ArcGIS StoryMaps, and ArcGIS Dashboards as alternatives. If any concerns or barriers appear during this review, feedback may be directed to their Esri team for review and connection to relevant supporting materials or teams. 

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