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Is it possible to assign ArcGIS Enterprise licenses in bulk?

Last Published: July 20, 2023


Yes. With each new release of ArcGIS Enterprise, Esri introduces changes to add new capabilities, such as cloud support, containerization options, and access to applications. At version 10.8.1, the capability to make bulk license assignments was added.

Bulk assignment is especially relevant given the recent licensing changes Esri has announced for ArcGIS for Power BI and ArcGIS Tracker. To provide this functionality to previous versions of ArcGIS Enterprise, Esri Support has created a script to assign ArcGIS Premium App licenses to multiple users in bulk. This script, tailored to ArcGIS for Power BI, is provided as an example.

This script is only required for ArcGIS Enterprise 10.8.x with respect to ArcGIS for Power BI.

Before running this script for any Premium App, ensure the existing ArcGIS Enterprise 10.7 or 10.8 license file has been edited and loaded into Portal for ArcGIS. For more information, refer to How To: Edit License Files in My Esri for Portal for ArcGIS 10.7 and later versions.


The script and included instructions are packaged in a Jupyter Notebook. This script can be run in the following environments:

  • Jupyter Notebooks in ArcGIS Pro
  • ArcGIS Notebooks Server
  • Another Jupyter Notebooks environment, provided the ArcGIS Python API and pandas libraries are properly loaded before running

This script is comprised of four parts:

  1. Identifies the GIS and signs in the user with administrator credentials.
  2. Identifies which of the license file's premium app licenses the script will assign when executed (in this case, Power BI) and presents the number of licenses available.
  3. Identifies user types and adds them to a username list.
  4. Assigns the Power BI licenses to the users in the list and runs a final check to ensure that the licenses are added properly.

These functions must be tailored to fit your environment to work properly. While this example refers to Power BI, the script can be tailored to make other assignments of ArcGIS Premium Apps, such as ArcGIS Tracker, ArcGIS Pro, and others.

For questions about or issues with this script, please post in the ArcGIS Enterprise place in the Esri Community. Authorized callers with active maintenance subscriptions can contact Esri Technical Support with questions or issues related to assigning licenses. 

For assistance customizing the script for specific environments, please reach out to Esri Services. Esri Services has introduced new lightweight retainer packages for users with small, focused needs, which may be a good fit in this scenario.

Article ID:000025263

  • ArcGIS Server
  • ArcGIS Tracker
  • ArcGIS for Power BI

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