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Why is the Views Navigation arrow not displayed on the small screen in ArcGIS Experience Builder?

Last Published: February 20, 2024


In the ArcGIS Experience Builder web app, when viewing in live mode, the arrow for the Views Navigation widget is not displayed when it is opened on a small screen. This is demonstrated through the images below, where the arrow is displayed on the medium but not on the small screen.

The Views Navigation arrow is displayed for the bigger screen.
The View Navigations arrow is not displayed for the smaller screen.

This is by design. The Views Navigation arrow does not display on the small screen or on mobile devices. The app is designed for mobile phones with touch screens. Instead of the arrow, swipe sideways for the rest of the view to be displayed on the small screen. The image below shows the views swiped sideways in the Views Navigation widget on a small-screen device.

The view tabs swiped sideways manually.

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