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Why is my organization getting negative credit balance when there is no credit usage in the credit reports?

Last Published: January 31, 2022


In some instances, organizations are unable to log in to ArcGIS Online or perform actions that consume credits. This occurs because the organization is in a restricted state and the credit balance has a negative value. However, when creating and accessing credit reports, there are no credit usage based on the activities performed in the organization. In most cases, negative credit balance in organizations is a direct result of credit consumption by storage, which is not included in the downloaded reports.

To review storage-related credit usage in the organization, use the status dashboard. Refer to ArcGIS Online: Use the dashboard for instructions to do so.

To minimize credit usage that is caused by storage, remove items that are no longer relevant to the organization. There are three types of storage that consume credits: feature storage, imagery storage, and file storage. Refer to ArcGIS Online: Credits and storage and ArcGIS Online: Credits by capability for more information on the credit consumption rates for each type of storage.

For feature storage, it is possible to identify items consuming the most storage credits. Refer to How To: Identify the hosted feature layers consuming the most storage credits and view the details for instructions to do so.

If necessary, contact Esri Customer Service to purchase additional credits for the organization. Refer to ArcGIS Online: Get more credits for more information.

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