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What are the best practices when installing an ArcGIS Enterprise component patch update?

Last Published: May 3, 2023


Esri periodically releases software patches and updates for all components of ArcGIS Enterprise and these patches can be downloaded on the Patches and Service Packs page on the Esri Support website. Patch files are downloaded in the form of a Microsoft Software Patch (MSP) file.

In some scenarios, installing patch updates may take longer to complete because a significant number of computer resources, such as memory (RAM), CPU, and disk usage, is utilized even if only a few files are updated. This may also result in updates failing to complete under suboptimal conditions.

Network latency may delay the installation as well if the updates are installed remotely from one machine to another through a virtual machine. Other reasons why updates may take a longer time to complete include and are not limited to the following:

  • Disk input/output (I/O) limitations. This includes deployments running on a hard disk drive (HDD) instead of a solid-state drive (SSD).
  • Firewalls and antivirus software scanning each file being opened and installed.
  • Other processes or applications running simultaneously.
Follow these best practices when installing an ArcGIS Enterprise component patch update.
msiexec.exe /p "<Patch_File_Path>\<Patch_File>.msp" REINSTALLMODE="ecmus" REINSTALL="ALL" /qn
For more information on installing patches and files via Command Prompt, refer to Microsoft: msiexec, Microsoft: REINSTALLMODE property, and Microsoft: REINSTALL property. 
  • When installing software and software updates, Microsoft Windows displays a pop-up for confirmation to proceed with the installation process. If the pop-up is ignored, the installation is aborted without warning. A workaround is to adjust the User Account Control (UAC) settings to the required protection level. This allows software updates to proceed without permission, preventing unnecessary disruptions. Refer to Microsoft: Change User Access Control setting for instructions and more information.
Microsoft does not recommend setting the protection level to the lowest settings for security reasons as it can allow programs to install software without permission. Refer to Microsoft: How User Account Control works for more information.
Consult the organization's IT department before attempting this procedure.

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