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Is it possible to disable the sync capability after enabling Sync on hosted feature services?

Last Published: April 30, 2021


Yes, it is now possible to disable the sync capability on Sync-enabled hosted feature services. This functionality is introduced as a safety measure, allowing data owners to prevent users from creating replicas of a hosted feature service when the service no longer requires offline editing. The Sync option can be disabled directly from the service's item details page in ArcGIS Online.

However, if replicas exist on the service, the Sync option is inactivated (grayed out) to prevent users from disabling the sync capability once it is enabled to avoid detached data. Ensure that no replicas exist before disabling the Sync option.

  1. Unregister all replicas from the feature service REST directory.
  2. When all replicas of the hosted feature service are removed, go to the Settings tab on the item details page.
  3. Under Feature Layer (hosted) Settings for the Sync option, uncheck Enable Sync (disconnected editing with synchronization), and click Save.

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  • ArcGIS Online

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