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Is it possible to change the field data type created in ArcGIS Online?

Last Published: January 10, 2024


No, it is not possible to change the data type of a field after the field is created in ArcGIS Online. Data types can only be selected during the time of the field creation. Alternatively, create a new field with the preferred data type and populate the existing field value in the new field using an Arcade expression. The workaround below provides the steps to add a new field, select the data type, and populate the field values in ArcGIS Online.

  1. Log in to ArcGIS Online and click Content > My Content.
  2. Browse to and click the hosted feature layer to open the item details page.
  3. Click the Data tab to show the table.
  4. Add a new field and choose the desired data type for the field. Refer to ArcGIS Online: Add a field for further instructions.
  5. Click the header of the new field and select Calculate.
  6. In the Calculate Field: <field name> window, click Arcade. The Arcade Calculator: <field name> window opens.
  7. Copy and paste the following Arcade expression into the Expression box. Replace <FIELD_NAME> with the desired field. Click Test.
The Arcade expression configured in the Expression box.
  1. When the Results tab displays the result, click OK.
The result displayed on the Results tab.

The images below show the values of the Age field populated in the newly created field (Age_New) with the desired data type selected.

The results displayed on the attribute table.
The Age and Age_New field with different data types.

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