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Does ArcGIS Pro have Data Driven Pages functionality?

Last Published: April 25, 2020


ArcGIS Pro does provide the ability to create a series of layout pages from a single layout similar to Data Driven Pages in ArcMap, but in ArcGIS Pro, the term Map Series is used to describe the functionality. Both Data Driven Pages and Map Series use an index layer to define the extents of the map frame.

The following table shows the comparison between Data Driven Pages and Map Series:
Data Driven Pages (ArcMap)
Map Series (ArcGIS Pro)
User-added image
A geoprocessing toolset and requires activating the Data Driven Pages toolbar
Not a geoprocessing toolset
Index layer is created using the Grid Index Features tool or Strip Map Index Features toolAny feature layer can be added as an index layer. By default, the topmost polygon layer is used as the index layer
The Setup Data Driven Pages dialog box is used to create and customize Data Driven Pages

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The Layout Properties dialog box displays the Map Series elements

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