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Does ArcGIS Online support UNC paths as hyperlinks?

Last Published: July 12, 2022


No, ArcGIS Online does not support Universal Naming Convention (UNC) paths as hyperlinks. It is not possible to hyperlink to UNC paths in an ArcGIS Online pop-up window.

As an alternative, use URLs (http://) in the ArcGIS Online pop-up window as hyperlinks. There are two ways to configure URLs in an ArcGIS Online pop-up window:

•  Create a folder in the 'wwwroot' folder, and configure Directory Browsing with Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager. Refer to the solution provided in the following article, Problem: Unable to access hyperlinks in ArcGIS Viewer for Silverlight application pop-up, for more information.
•  Use Custom Attribute Display when configuring pop-ups. Refer to ArcGIS Blog: Pop-ups: text element essentials .

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