Failed to print map for ${<LocationField>}. Failed to load web map: Failed to load portal item

Last Published: January 5, 2023

Error Message

Generating a report of a survey containing a geopoint question and associated with a tile package in the ArcGIS Survey123 website fails, and the following error is returned:

An error occurred while generating report(s).
["Failed to print map for ${<LocationField>}. Failed to load web map: Failed to load portal item"]
Please see details in the recent tasks panel
An image of the error message.


The ArcGIS Survey123 website is unable to access the tile package. The tile package is sideloaded in the ArcGIS Survey123 media folder and is set as the default basemap. The website is not designed to display side-loaded tile packages as they are only supported for offline use in the Survey123 field app.

Solution or Workaround

As a workaround, customize the feature report template in ArcGIS Survey123 to reference a different web map when generating a report for the geopoint question. Refer to the article, How To: Customize the size of images in a printed ArcGIS Survey123 report for steps to customize the default template of the survey and insert the following syntax when modifying the location question in the Microsoft Word template.

The location syntax in the report template.

The example given uses the Light Gray Canvas basemap and the map scale of 1:100,000 (by providing the map scale without the 1: prefix or separating commas). For more information on report templates in ArcGIS Survey123, refer to ArcGIS Survey123: Report templates.

Article ID:000020267

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