ArcGIS Double fields with precision = 10 and scale = 0 in an Oracle geodatabase are altered automatically to Long integer after previewing in 10.6.1 or later client

Last Published: August 27, 2020


ArcGIS 10.6.1 and ArcGIS Pro 2.2  incorrectly change a registered classes data type's metadata in Oracle enterprise geodatabases that are defined as a double (10, 0) to a long integer.

If this happens the following error can be encountered when opening the classes table in ArcMap or ArcGIS Pro and there are values in these fields that exceed the maximum long integer value of 2,147,483,647:

[ORA-01455: converting columns overflows integer datatype]

This issue only affects the geodatabase catalog's metadata and does not impact the field's definition on the table.


An ArcGIS field type double can be defined as precision 10 and scale 0, which is stored as an Oracle number(10). Likewise, an ArcGIS field type long integer can be defined with precision 10, which is also stored as an Oracle number(10).

Metadata for all fields in a geodatabase is stored in the column_registry table. Each time the owner of the class or the enterprise sde administrator opens the class, the metadata persisted in the column_registry is compared against the table's schema. If the table's schema has changed, implying the modification happened via SQL and not from within ArcGIS, the difference is applied to the column_registry metadata . This issue incorrectly maps all columns stored as Oracle number(10) to ArcGIS field type long integer.


The solution is available in the Oracle Data Type Patch. Please see the patch documentation for more information.

If there is concern that column metadata has been incorrectly modified and assistance is needed in determining which fields may have been affected, please contact Esri Technical Support.

Article ID:000022879

  • ArcGIS Pro 2 x
  • ArcMap

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