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The Portal for ArcGIS service fails to restart after the Portal for ArcGIS Log4j patch installation in an Azure High Availability (HA) environment.

Last Published: April 13, 2022 Portal for ArcGIS
Bug ID Number BUG-000148416
SubmittedApril 11, 2022
Last ModifiedFebruary 15, 2023
Applies toPortal for ArcGIS
Version found10.6
Operating SystemWindows OS
Operating System VersionN/A
Version Fixed10.9.1


Applying the Portal for ArcGIS Log4j Patch on an Azure deployment may cause the Portal for ArcGIS service to fail to start (BUG-000148416).  This applies to Azure deployments that use the Azure Blob Storage to store the Portal for ArcGIS content directory.  The attached PowerShell script can be used to correct this issue.

New patches have been released to prevent this defect on Azure deployments.  The B patches are available for the following releases: 10.7.1, 10.8.1, and 10.9.1.  If the B patch is available for the release you have deployed, it is recommended to install the B patch rather than running the script.

The script is provided to address issues introduced on an Azure deployment after installing the Portal for ArcGIS Log4j patch on 10.6, 10.6.1, and 10.9 releases.

  • The problem only happens when Azure Blob Storage is used to store the Portal for ArcGIS content store.
  • The problem happens when Portal for ArcGIS is restarted after the Log4j patch is installed.  The Portal for ArcGIS service on Windows will start but will quickly stop with no error returned.
  • The attached PowerShell script is written to work on any Azure deployments.



The attached PowerShell script should be downloaded and executed on an Azure instance where the Log4j patch has been installed and the Portal for ArcGIS service fails to restart.

Download the zip file.  Ensure that the file has not been tampered with by computing the sha256 checksum as follows:

  1. Start Windows PowerShell.
  2. Change directory to the directory with the zip file.
  3. Type this command:
  1. Ensure the hash matches the string below:

Extract the PowerShell script from the zip file.

Script Execution
The PowerShell script must be executed as an administrator.

  1. Start Windows PowerShell as an administrator.
  2. Change directory to the directory where the script was extracted.
  3. Execute the PowerShell script:
  1. The script returns a message if the Portal for ArcGIS Java classpath was updated in the Windows registry.  Once completed, you should be able to successfully start the Portal for ArcGIS service.

Additional Information

This issue is resolved in the Portal log4j Patch version B for 10.9.1, 10.8.1, and 10.7.1. Refer to the following links for more information:


The 10.7.1 version of the Portal for ArcGIS Log4j Patch is now live on the support site. The URL is:

Steps to Reproduce

Bug ID: BUG-000148416


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