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Features are sometimes not displayed or no longer selectable when editing a feature service layer.

ArcGIS Pro
Bug ID Number BUG-000158170
SubmittedMay 9, 2023
Last ModifiedMarch 15, 2024
Applies toArcGIS Pro
Version foundN/A
Operating SystemWindows OS
Operating System Version10.0 64 Bit
Version Fixed3.2, 2.9.10, 3.0.6


In certain ArcGIS Pro editing workflows when using feature services with version management capabilities enabled, features may appear or disappear when zooming in or out after making edits.


When using feature services, a cache of features that is created for each layer, which is used for querying and editing. If the layer is edited prior to this cache being created and filled, the cache can become out of sync with the data in the feature service. 
See the following help topics for more information on the feature cache:

Best Practices to avoid this issue

Consider using visible scale ranges when authoring maps - this is the preferred option

  • Use visibility range to control how much data is queried when panning and zooming in a map.
    • Set visible scale ranges to ensure that data can be queried quickly at editing scales. Slow querying, or querying a large amount of data, is the main source of the issue observed.
Make use of the caching buttons in the Feature Cache group to manually fill the feature cache
  • On the Map and Scene tab, use the caching buttons in the Feature Cache group to disable auto caching and and manually fill the feature cache.
    • Use the Fill button, and allow the fill to complete before editing.
When using Auto Cache, allow time for features to finish drawing in the current extent before editing
  • Prior to editing, after zooming to an area, allow 10-15 seconds for the drawing to complete and the cache to fill.


If you think you have encountered this issue:
  1. Enable the Caching UI buttons.
  2. Save or discard edits to allow the cache to be emptied.
  3. Click the Empty button in the Feature Cache group.
  4. Optional: Click the Fill button.

Steps to Reproduce

Bug ID: BUG-000158170


  • ArcGIS Pro

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