Bug Number BUG-000101562
Submitted Dec 16, 2016
Modified Jan 26, 2022
Severity Critical
Applies To Portal for ArcGIS
Version Found 10.4.1
Prog Language N/A
Server Platform Windows 2012 R2
Client Platform Windows 2012 R2
Database N/A
Locale N/A
Status Implemented
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Version Fixed 10.5.1
SP Fixed N/A

Bug BUG-000101562


Unable to access Portal for ArcGIS’s “Edit Settings” option when using the Java Web Adaptor with Apache Tomcat 7.0.73+ or 8.0.39+ .

Additional Information


Alternate Solution

Two workarounds have been identified.

1. Bypass the ArcGIS Web Adaptor by the defining port in the URL. If running on a Windows system use the IIS Web Adaptor.

2. Able to use Apache Tomcat with a redirect from Apache when apache mod_proxy_ajp is defined in Apache.

3. Use the Sharing API instead of the graphical user interface (GUI)